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    CR's are shown as crossed boxes in LR6 Book module

    Hi all, I am trying to create my first book in LR6 and in itself it's working fine, except I am running into a problem when trying to add text to a photo. One of the options here is to use photo metadata to automatically fill the photo text. So that's what I am trying: set the photo text to the...
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    Show last import ?

    Hi all, is there a way to show the last import I did ?
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    Missing folders

    Hi, Today I happened to notice at least one folder missing in my LR Library. It is physically there, but it does not appear in the catalog view on the left hand side of the screen. If I choose the Import function I can see the folder in the folder structure shown on the right hand side and...
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    Face recognition LR6 not very useful, usable, workable

    Hi, face recognition in LR6 is far from ideal. After confirming thousands of faces for a particular person LR still comes up with almost every remaining face, suggesting it as "similar".... Then the performance is terrible. It takes ages before "similar" faces are shown and the "similar...
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    No GPS in DNG files after import

    Operating System: MAC OS Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.12 Hi all, Recently I installed a camera app on my iPhone, allowing me to shoot Raw (DNG files). I have set Location Services on for the app and in the Camera Roll I can see photos taken with the app get a...
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    (Conditionally) format thumbnails

    In Aperture I had the option to conditionally format the color of the preview thumbnails. When importing to LR, the thumbnails kept their colors, so LR is at least able to set the color of the thumbnails. Except, I cannot find how to set the color. There is a "color label", but that s just the...
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    Can the sliders in the Development module be controlled ?

    Whenever I try to make minor adjustments to an image using the sliders in the development module, just clicking the arrow without moving the mouse already changes the slider value considerably. I must carefully watch the current value before even touching the slider so I can at least go back to...
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    Lightroom not setting lens profile automatically

    Hi all, An issue I don't remember having earlier with LR6 (but, admitted, I have only using LR a short time): when I in Develop mode, in the lens correction section, check the "Enable profile corrections" check box, LR does not automatically find the camera brand (Nikon) nor does it recognize...
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    Change sorting order video's and photo's in LR

    Hi all, I am new to LR (coming from Aperture) and I am trying to understand the logic behind sequencing the photo's and video's in LR. What I see is that LR is showing any video's first in date sequence, flooded by all photo's in date sequence. In Aperture everything could be sorted in date...
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    Keyword filter smart collection seems not to work

    Hi all, I am trying to create a smart collection that will show me all photo's containing a particular keyword and none of a number of other keywords. So the rules for this collection are Show all of the following rules Keyword contains X Keyword does not contain Y Keyword does not contain Z...
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    Migrate Aperture project info to Lightroom ?

    Hi, In Aperture I can add a description to a project so I know what the project is about. I haven't found anything like that in Lightroom. Does anyone know if it is possible to add a description to a LR folder ?
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    Creating smart collections using keywords

    Hi all, Because Apple is discontinuing Aperture I am now looking into LR6, of which I downloaded the trial version. My first impression is not bad and I think I can live with it. Of course some things are handled differently than in Aperture, some are smarter and more complete, other are not...