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    Keyword Heirarchy Question for Actions or Descriptive words

    Hi all, quick question about heirarchy. Trying to brainstorm on how to organize my library better. Places/People/Events/Animals/etc are pretty straight forward. But how do some of you organize the more descriptive words like "running", "eating", "birth", "rehearsal", "bath", "pregnancy". Would...
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    cannot delete files in lightroom

    Hi gurus... I just built a new system with windows vista and am in the process of migrating everything over. i have mounted my catalog and what not. but my issue right now is i can't seem to delete images. i can remove them from the library but i can't delete. i get the message "There...
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    NEF and JPG display in the Library module

    So I think I've finally given up trying to use Lightroom for NEF interpretation even with available presets out there. They just don't cut it. The colors are almost always duller. Maybe not for all situations but 2'% chance of duller colors is 2'% too much. So I decided to just shoot JPG...
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    Exporting Original For the Web

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do something rudimentary. I was going to export some adjustments for a friend to look at including the original (w/o adjustments) except I didn't really want to include the original in all it's glory. Just a reduced web version would be fine. I didn't see any...
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    Thoughts on the Naneu Pro Alpha or Bravo Camera Backpack?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for feedback on the Naneu Pro Alpha and Bravo. Wondering if any of you gurus out there have heard anything about these camera backpacks / bags. They are priced very competitively and have a urban look which is not found in another other bags except maybe Kata. But...
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    Auto Color / Auto White Balance adjustment issue

    Hi everyone, I seem to be having an issue with the Auto Color adjustment in Lightroom. It seems to make everything TOO yellow. The auto color in Photoshop seems to work just fine for me. I understand they're working in a different colorspace, but what is causing my auto color adjustment to...
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    What are top level keywords in your hierarchy?

    I'm not a professional by any means. Just a regular guy who has tons of photos of friends and family and is trying to be anal about his keyword hierarchy structure. I'd like to know what your top level keywords are. The only ones I have at the moment are below: People --coworkers --family...
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    How do I move my catalog preview folder to another drive?

    Hi everyone, it looks like my lrcat file is getting a bit big for my C drive. It's not the largest by any means. But I'd like to move the lrcat file to my D drive with the rest of my pictures which has plenty of space. I haven't seen any straight forward way to do this in the setting menus...
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    What does the keyword tag menu minus sign mean?

    Can somebody tell me what that minus sign left of the arrow pointing at a keyword means? I'm reorganizing my keywords heirarchy and i'm seeing this to the left of the arrow pointing at the keyword.
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    Quick method to get filename and path?

    Hi everyone, this is probably not the most common use of LR. But occassionally I'm browsing through my LR and I see a picture I want to send off to a pal. Is there a way to quickly get the entire path & file location to easily attach it in an email? I know the filename is readily...
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    Colorspace Issue between LR & CS3

    Hi everyone, First post on LR Forums. I did some browsing & searching through the forum and didn't find an exact answer so here goes. I noticed that images look different to me in Lightroom versus my CS3. So I guess reading this forum, I've learned that LR uses ProPhotoRGB and I'm guessing...