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    External storage -- go for NAS (QNAP 439)?

    Hi everyone, I am considering getting a NAS for data storage at home. I am thinking about the QNAP 439. Has anyone used it or similar devices? It has two gigabit ethernet ports. One I could connect to the PC and one I could connect to my MacBook Pro. So I wouldn't even need to get an...
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    Books and tutorials on LR

    Thanks a lot for the responses. I will (for others, who might be looking for this too) put all suggestions in a little list in the reply so they are only one click away. Forum search keywords: tutorial, book, pdf, introduction, faq, manual, missing, guide, podcast, video. George Jardine's...
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    Books or tutorials on LR Development Module

    I was wondering whether someone has recommendations for a good book or tutorial for the LR development module. I have been mucking about with it on an ongoing basis but my impression is that I am not really getting the best out of it because of my (hopefully current) lack of skill. Had a browse...
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    'ello from Darmstadt, Germany

    Hi everyone, Only now spotted the introductions here. So thought, I'd quickly join in. I'm glad I found this site and I have to say it seems one of the most organized places I know on the whole web. I do a little bit of photography in my spare time and have moved away from iPhoto, particularly...
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    Laptop screen recommendation

    My Apple TiBook is getting a bit long in the tooth and I am considering upgrading some time this year. For the 17" MacBook Pro, they offer a 192'x12'' resolution option. Now my question: has anyone used this? Is it any good or is it too small and should I consider the normal 168'x1'5'? I hope...
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    Lightroom combined retail box Mac/WIN?

    I'll have to order a copy of Lightroom some time soon (see my sig) and have the following question. Am I right that there is only one kind of Lightroom sold in a combined-box that contains the software for both the Mac and Windows? As opposed to two separate packages, one Mac, one Windows...
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    Undoing multiple edits (history items) in one go

    Sometimes (actually not only often, but outright all the time) I want to undo not only one step but some of them. I have not found a function for this. I find myself COMMAND-Z-ing. Am I missing something? Should I post this under 'feature requests'? Cheers, Joerg