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    Vacation workflow

    Hello, I'm trying to wrap my head around a solid travel/vacation workflow with LR 6.14. At home I have a PC with NAS attached storage where all of my images live. I manage them all with LR 6.14 by importing to my local HD (which is a M.2 nVME drive)... Once I cull/edit the keepers, I use LR...
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    LR with Synology Moments workflow?

    Hello, I have a new Synology NAS and am contemplating using their new Moments app for photo sharing. Just curious if anyone else uses this product and what your workflow looks like. I believe photos need to be uploaded to the NAS using a tool/app installed on a PC and not simply copied to a...
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    Flickr Republish?

    Hello, I'm new to using Flickr.... I recently published about 200+ photos from Lightroom (6.1.14) using the publish feature (drag/drop). It worked great and all those photos now reside in Flickr.. But if I later tweak a photo a bit, how do I know if it should be republished to Flickr? Is...
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    Grid view previews

    Hello, I have a medium sized catalog with 26,000 images in a ton of folders. When I click a folder and scroll through the images, it takes a second or two for LR to render the preview picture. I'm curious if there's a way to have LR create the preview for the entire library so scrolling is...
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    Change image in collage template

    Hello, This is driving me nuts so the solution must be simple. :) I downloaded a few collage templates... and dragging pictures to the individual cells is pretty easy.. But how do I change the image in a cell? I keep deleting the entire cell then having to figure out what size it was and...
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    Watermark not printing

    OK I think I'm going crazy. I have a collection of images I want to print. I created a generic text watermark that says "Father's Day 2018". In the LR print module, I click the button to enable Watermarking.... and I select the text watermark I created. It displays on the screen perfectly as...
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    Exclude objects from a preset?

    Hello, I have a landscape preset that I really like (LR 6.14). The problem is if people are in the landscape shot, it really screws with their skin tones. What's the best way to apply a preset and exclude an object like a person? //Brew
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    Lens correction missing Tamron 70-200 G2

    Operating System: Win10 64bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR6 6.13 When I import RAW files taken with my D7200 and Tamron 70-200 G2 (A025N) lens it never finds the profile... It didn't find it with version 6.12 and still not with 6.13. Any ideas why not? I have to...
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    HDTV as Monitor?

    Hello, I am using a 42" Samsung HDTV connected to my Windows 10 computer as my primary monitor. For using Windows, Office Apps, and Surfing the web it is fantastic. Within LR, it seems a bit strange. When I process picture, they seem a bit "blurry" and "dull". I thought my picture taking...
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    D7200 and LR6 Camera Calibration setting

    Hello, I'm curious what users of the D7200 do in terms of the Camera Calibration settings in LR. Do you use Camera or Adobe standard? I'm trying to find a good combination of settings to improve the overall "vibrance and clarity" of my photos on initial import. Of course some fine tuning is...
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    Optimizing Disk Performance

    Hello, I have a new computer and I'm looking to optimize my Lightroom (6) DISK performance. I have an Intel NUC (6i7KYK) with 16GB of RAM and a Samsung Pro 950 512GB M.2 drive. (Loving it!) My catalog/previews are on the C: drive. This is a standard Windows 10 Pro build running the 64bit...
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    Storage "clean up" of unnecessary raw files

    Hello, I always shoot RAW and typically save EVERYTHING. Recently I started shooting pictures of my daughter's high school-level softball tournaments. I shoot hundreds of pictures at a single tournament. My current workflow (LR6) is to import all the RAW's, cull the list down to 150-300...
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    Why Sharpen on export?

    Hello, I typically sharpen my RAW files somewhere between 25-70 as on import. If I'm going to export those RAW's to JPG to post on Shutterfly/Flickr, should I really also sharpen for screen on export? Seems like a "double sharpen"? Can someone school me on pros/cons please? //Brew
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    LR and Nikon D7200 preset ideas

    Hello, Tonight I was reading something and it got me thinking. I read an article about using a Preset to set the camera profile to better match the Nikon color scheme. Honestly it was something that never even crossed my mind until reading the article but may be why I feel I need to tinker so...
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    Print Multiple copies of same image

    Hello, I must be missing something obvious. I have an image I want to print 12 copies of. I cannot for the life of me find a "copies" type setting in LR6 when I'm in the print module. Can someone please help this poor newbie fool out!? Thanks, //Brew
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    Stacking question

    Hello, I'm still fairly new to LR6 and learning the interface. I shoot RAW (mostly), but will sometimes convert hundreds of shots to JPG to upload to social media sites. Now in the Library module, I see duplicates (NEF + JPG) as I'm scrolling through my folders. Shouldn't LR be stacking...
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    ADD keywords without replacing?

    Hello, Fairly new to LR6... A month or two ago I painstakingly added >10k photos and let the facial recognition run. I have many people tagged. Now browsing my catalog, I want to add certain holiday keywords to large groups of photos. Many of those already have keywords for people. When I...