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    Upgrading from LR5 to Classic

    I bought Lightroom 5.7.1 some time ago and am still very happy with it. In addition, I'm now considering subscribing to Adobe Photoshop but understand that I can only do so if I include a Lightroom upgrade. No doubt LR 9.1 includes a number of positive upgrades but I have a strange question...
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    Export soft proof folders problem

    I'm trying to export a folder to an external hard drive while leaving the soft proofed images on Lightroom. However, all I've done so far is drag the folder to the external hard drive resulting in all images leaving the pc's hard drive. Shouldn't I be able to leave a soft proofed folder...
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    Soft Proofing - Simulate Paper and Ink

    Following a couple of poor quality prints recently, I was informed that I needed to download some ICC Profiles and work in soft proof when editing images. This still hasn't solved the problem and the images still fail to "pop". It's not that my images are especially dark, but that they seem...
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    Lost Folders LR5.7.1

    Following a backup I've "lost" four months worth of folders. I reopened LR after the backup only to find that all work from June to present has disappeared - even images I was working on two minutes earlier ! I'm 99% sure that some - not all - of those folders have been "smart previewed" but...
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    Develop module Adjustment Brush not always working

    My Adjustment Brush in LR5 is very hit and miss - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I get it to work by clicking on Spot Removal then returning to it. I may need to do that 7 out of 10 times. Any suggestions how I can get rid of this annoying quirk? Thanks
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    How do I close all these photographs ?

    OK, dumb question maybe but I've not figured out how to close all these photographs. Obviously I've opened up pretty much everything on my laptop but am unable to close all those I don't want to work with. Thanks for any help.