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    Library module LR 6.14 crashes and will not re-install

    Whilst trying to move photo folders from one drive to another, LR crashed and would not reopen. Error message said to uninstall and reinstall. I've uninstalled but reinstall doesn't work - just no response after downloading. Original program was LR 5 with x upgrades. Have full backups of...
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    External drive for both pc and macbook

    I hold my LR catalogue and files on an external Lacie drive, and run LR on a Windows 10 pc and on my macbook. Recently the Lacie drive has been giving trouble but only on the mac - it works well on the pc. Has anyone an recommendation on what I can buy to replace the Lacie, please? I need around...
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    Application Manager / Installer will not initialize

    I'm running Win 10. When trying to upload LR 6.5 (perpetual licence, not CC), I met a problem stating "Adobe Application Manager is missing or damaged..... " I tried downloading a new copy of application manager but this failed to initialize. The link to Adobe Support Adviser stated that this...
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    Upgrading LR6 to mac and pc

    I'm running 5,7 on my macbook and on a win 8.1 pc. Can I download the upgrade to both machines? Thanks.