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    New Graphics Card for LR 8.4

    I am currently using an integrated graphics system on an Intel motherboard. The GPU has DirectX 12 support, on Windows 10. When I checked the Adobe CameraRaw logs, I found this message: *** GPU Warning: GPU model is black-listed for GPU3. *** When I change the setting for the Graphics...
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    How to import Fuji Raw files from an SD card

    Apple IOS does not recognize Fuji raw (RAF) files when they are compressed. It does recognize uncompressed files (I shoot raw compressed). I can move raw files from Lightroom (on a Windows PC) to my iPhone running Lightroom Mobile - that works. My question: If I purchase a new iPad and SD...
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    My plugins are everywhere - how to fix?

    I converted from LR6.10 to Lightroom Classic 7.31 yesterday. It seems that my plugins and external files are scattered thruout my system. Additionally, only 3 presets were converted(ASAIK), leaving the ~~ files in place. I cannot find any of my presets in XML format. Lightroom shows the default...
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    Can't See the scroll Bars

    This problem occurs only in the book module. When I click 'Modify Page' a window pops up showing the possible layouts. On the right-hand edge of the window is a scroll bar - which on my system is invisible. If I'm lucky, I sometime hit the slider and can make a selection. Otherwise, I'm in the...
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    Are some images missing?

    I have all my images stored on a separate hard drive with folders storing different categories. In the library mode, LR reports "Folder F: 6983 of 7128 photos / 1 selected." Folder F is the entire drive - including all folders. That indicates there are another 145 images that are not being...