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  1. Etrsi_645

    Non-raw files were not converted to DNG.??

    I formatted my card in camera before shooting. My Pentax K-5 shoots as an earlier DNG format. When I import, I convert to DNG again to gain access to fast loading data etc. I get the message "Non-raw files were not converted to DNG". Why is that? I do NOT also shoot as JPEG; there should...
  2. Etrsi_645

    Says can't open my LR3.6 catalog.. I thought

    J. Kost said it would copy the current catalog for use in LR4, but I do not have the option to copy and it does not do it automatically. thanks,
  3. Etrsi_645

    Web Module: collections/create web gallery, rearranged the pic sort order...

    as it is completing its save. Thereafter I cannot change those images' order in the web gallery. Any idea why this is occurring? thx
  4. Etrsi_645

    Have PS CS4 and LR2.7.. can i upgrade to LR3 and not PS CS5 with no loss of..

    image quality, adjustments, or metadata info? I read Victoria Bampton's page and am a little confused.. I think it says, yes, I can update and not lose any anything as long as I...
  5. Etrsi_645

    Exported HTML galleries have no keywords in exported JPEGS?

    Do LR keywords carry over into the JPEGS exported by HTML galleries? Mine are not, unless I am missing something. I brought these exported JPEGS into PS and did not see them in any panel. thanks,
  6. Etrsi_645

    Upgrade LR and PS in lockstep, or no...

    I have PS CS4 and LR2.7. Am I able to keep upgrading to new releases of LR and NOT upgrade PS or does that cause a problem? thanks in advance..
  7. Etrsi_645

    LR-->PS CS4: open GL limit of 25 files stops droplet at 25 output files?

    Earlier in the day I tried to open more than 25 files in CS4 from LR. I got an error message saying something to the effect that open GL in PS has a limit of 25 files.. Does that now explain why my droplet stopped processing after 25 of the 45 LR exported files? thanks,
  8. Etrsi_645

    JPEGS: LR sizes vs PS sizes...

    When I exported some LR DNG files to Jpeg at 55% quality and 8''px on the long side and low screen sharpening, their sizes were mostly 15' to 4''K large. Then I brought the pics into PS, did an image size to 8'' on the long size, converted to 8 bit, converted to sRGB, and did a save for web and...
  9. Etrsi_645

    LR2.6 resynch of folder brings in garish PSCS4 created JPEG..

    I worked on the DNG in LR, edited in PSCS4 with LR adjustments. In PS I imaged sized to 8''x6'', converted to sRGB, and saved for web with embedding sRGB profile. When I resynch in LR and bring this JPEG back into LR, it looks oversharpned? (I did not sharpen in PS) and at least 1/2 stop more...
  10. Etrsi_645

    4 untamable pixels...

    Hello, I am using LR 2.1 and Photoshop CS2. This may be more of a CS2 question than LR; I'm not sure. In LR I have a layered PSD file with maximize compatibility on. In LR in normal view or zoomed in the image looks fine. When I choose edit in CS2 and choose "edit original", it comes in to...
  11. Etrsi_645

    Backup: change where it backups

    I moved my catalog to a new drive, but the backup still goes to the old drive. I could not find where I change the place where the backups go to.. thanks,
  12. Etrsi_645

    not understanding cropping in LR

    Hi, I brought my DNG into develop module. I chose to crop to an 8x1' vertical print. Went back to grid view and chose to edit with LR adjustments in CS2. Upon soft proofing I did some levels to brighten the look; I saved the PSD file. I printed from Qimage. When I went to trim the actual...
  13. Etrsi_645

    old DNGs rotated in wrong direction..

    Somehow some of my old images appeared today rotated in the wrong direction.. I am pretty sure last time I saw them this was not the case.. My question is: does LR get the same software quality control review that photoshop receives? I just want the software to work; if it doesn't have some...
  14. Etrsi_645

    update DNG previews & metadata fails..

    I had 14'' DNGs doing an "update DNG previews & metadata". Hours later when it finished, it said 834 failed. What would cause this? thanks Rick W.
  15. Etrsi_645

    sidecar XMP cleanup?

    My LR catalog shows 1',989 images. Under "Metadata" on the left it is broken down into DNG (8'68), JPG (266'), PSD (234), TIF (27). My understanding is that the above formats can embed their own metadata. In Windows, when I search the entire folder structure for ".XMP", it finds 1',643 XMP...
  16. Etrsi_645

    LR won't import a PNG?

    I moved a PNG into my LR folder hierarchy from "My Computer". In LR I did a synchronize on the folder where the PNG now was but LR did not find it. I tried doing an import and selected that folder and LR does not see it either. I checked back in "My Computer" to make sure the file was there...
  17. Etrsi_645

    Hello from Chicago area..

    hi all, Glad to have found this place on the web. I have been using LR since its first non-beta release with 1'K of images. I am anxious to read all the tips, tricks, and tribulations of members and maybe contribute some of my own. Rick Warburton Chicago area