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    Photography Plan question

    Not sure where to post this. I am currently on the Lightroom 1TB plan for £9.97pm I want to move to the Photography Plan 1TB which will add Photoshop and Lightroom with 1TB for £19.97. I understand that anyone on this plan is automatically entitled to the new Photoshop for iPad for no extra...
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    Some originals being stored locally but setting is not to store originals locally

    The Local Storage preference settings on my iMac is as attached. Local storage of Originals is unchecked. Note that the location for local storage is shown as an external drive called "Photos" which is unsurprisingly greyed out. But if I look at "Photos", there is a folder called "Lightroom...
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    Switching to Lightroom from Adobe Store to Apple Store....worth doing?

    Now that Lightroom is available from the Apple Store is there any reason to switch from Adobe store to Apple Store? The price is the same so the considerations are probably around updates? Presumably updates will come from the Apple store, so maybe no need to have the always running Creative...
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    Lightroom CC on a third Computer ?

    I have the 1TB Photography Plan (LRCC, PS, Classic, 1TB) which allows me to activate two computers at the same time. I currently have my two Macs activated but would like to also activate on a Windows laptop. The choice seems to be: 1. Buy a license for a third computer....can't see any info...
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    Size of Files exported from LRCC

    Arising from another thread I did some tests, exporting an image from LRCC on my Mac and then on my iPhone with some puzzling results: Starting point: 5472 x 3648 px JPEG file downloaded to desktop with Finder via a card reader 13.6MB Imported the above into LRCC. File exported as "maximum...
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    Move LRCC Library to external with symlink in ~/Pictures?

    The LRCC library has to be in ~/Pictures, but I saw a comment about using a symlink to another location....does this work? My 2017 iMac only has a 256GB internal and I would do this if it a local external, not a network location Thanks
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    Question about size of Smart Previews... vary according to machine?

    I have two Macs, a 13" MBP and a 27" iMac. My LRCC library holds 75,000 photos and uses 560GB on the Adobe cloud. The MBP is set to keep smart previews locally and the size of the LRCC library in ~/Pictures is 38GB. The iMac is only 256GB internal drive and so far I have not kept smart...
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    LRCC is putting originals in Library not the external drive I have specified

    Background is that I have 75000/500 of pics GB on my Adobe Cloud. All was good until I tried to change the location of the originals from one external to another bigger one. I moved the originals to the new location then opened LRCC and changed the pref setting to the new location. It went...
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    Still no printing from Version 2

    I am surprised to have seen little (=no) comment that print capability has not been added to version 2, the first major update. I have seen it suggested that Adobe might not do this because LRCC is not aimed at the type of photographer who wants to print. Have Adobe got printing in LRCC on a...
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    Local Storage setting to use more of the available free space on phone ?

    I have an iPhone X with 256GB storage. LRCC is currently using 8.39GB and the phone has 172 GB free. There are 73,000 photos in my LRCC Library and ideally I would like smart previews of all of these so that I see a screen size image of any photos without it having to be downloaded. So far I...
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    Lightroom Library has increased suddenly to 160GB....due to Proxies 144GB

    I have Lightroom CC on my MBP running 10.14. It is set to store smart previews internally and Originals on an external SSD. This has worked fine but suddenly the Library is 160GB and I have hardly any drive free space. Opening the Library shows this is all due to Proxies/720p is 6.88GB and...
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    Is this daft? (saving space on laptop)

    My Mac Pro is the mothership with all photos and libraries. I use my Laptop primarily to be able to show photos to family and friends away from home. I use Chronosync to maintain a one way mirror copy of the library and photos on the laptop. This means that on the laptop I have both the...
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    Slow Thumbnails in lib view a Graphics Card limitation?

    When I am in Library/Grid view, and I scroll down, the thumbnails for the new images take an annoying second or two to become sharp. This is every time the folder is used, not just the first time. I always import with standard or 1:1 previews. Are these thumbnails drawn by the graphics card...