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  1. Sean McCormack

    Latest LR CC cannot display compressed Fuji X-T2 raw files

    Here's a file if you want to try it. Dropbox - DSCF2023.RAF Just a colour checker and random stuff on my table. My original purpose for this was for someone to test C1 9.3 for compatibility. It doesn't work with it as it turns out.
  2. Sean McCormack

    Latest LR CC cannot display compressed Fuji X-T2 raw files

    I'm on Yosemite in the house, so I can't speak to El Capitan. Perhaps in the studio when I get back there. In the meantime, I see the preview of a test image in Import and it loads just fine. I'm using the newest CC version that came via the cloud updater. I was trying to see if there's a way to...
  3. Sean McCormack

    Timelapse Issue

    I haven't noticed myself. It does tend to add black slides though. While it was a load of whinging that gave us back the ability to do timelapse, it's never been a use case for Slideshow-even though I suspect a lot of people use it for this and this alone. I've a lot of work on tonight, but I'll...
  4. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    I've gone through the site and the external links are on all pages, and I'm not see an about page. Maybe you need to clear the cache? Did you have a version with an about page and no links at any stage? These may be cached, and that's what you're seeing.
  5. Sean McCormack

    LRB portfolio - blank page problem

    You should already have my response via email.
  6. Sean McCormack

    How do I get soft white look in my photos?

    There's a lot of photos there.. You can use the Radial filter with -100 sharpness to create blur. To get a really light airy field, apply the fading trick from this video http://lightroom-blog.com/2011/04/14/faded-and-toned-preset-building-tips/
  7. Sean McCormack

    Galleries in LRB Exhibition

    Matter dealt with via email. Serial number exchange made.
  8. Sean McCormack

    LRB Portfolio and numbers of photo's

    Gallery 1 has to start with image 1 and the photos have to be consecutive from there and numbered based on the position in the grid. I've just completely updated my own website from scratch with the current version and it's definitely working as expected.
  9. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    It's the first panel in the Plugin Manager when you add the unzipped download from Photographers Toolbox.
  10. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    The FAQ is pretty clear on this one Dirk, click the retrieve my serial button.
  11. Sean McCormack

    LRB plugin question - copyright symbol and justifying home page photo

    You need to use © for copyright symbol. As to the image, you can't. I'll add it to the feature request list. First time someone has asked!
  12. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    Hi Larry, you may not be aware that it's Lightroom that generates the CSS (rather than the plugin), and it doesn't ever do it in order like as required for proper rendering of a:hover. So much for the cascading bit of cascading style sheets. That's why the generated CSS is littered with...
  13. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    Hi Dirk, I've redone the caption code, so that solves the issue of anything additional showing. I've added a section in the footer to place your own code. There's a blog post on changes here, but I've a few more things to do before it's ready to release...
  14. Sean McCormack

    LRB Exhibition 1.42 - Email not sending from Contacts page once uploaded to Browser

    Hi philsky, the ability to send email is based on having php on your server. If your server doesn't support php, then nothing will send. Can you check with your host? This is the reason there is a text based email link also. Best, Sean
  15. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    BTW Dirk, if you add .abouttext, .contacttext, .hometext, .blanktext { overflow:auto; } to the end of lrb.css after exporting, you'll get the scrolling everywhere. Just need to get it into the code when I'm at the studio.
  16. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    Previewable means you can see it in Lightroom. You cannot view PHP files (a web coded file) in Lightroom, so you can't check if the images are showing at all, let alone the right ones. It simply doesn't allow it. I do intend adding adding an autoscroll (overflow:auto;) into the text boxes. My...
  17. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    Hi Dirk, 1. I do intend making the galleries more responsive (which is the term used for what you describe). 2. Not in the remit for this gallery at all, I'm afraid. It's a bit like asking a public bus driver to drop your at your house. 3. I've done this on older versions of my site. The...
  18. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    Hi Scott, as you know, Chrome changed internally. Right now it looks like the only way to solve this bar Google fixing their bug is a complete rewrite. I have logged the bug with Google. I am working on a new full screen plugin. I should be able to transfer some of this code to showcase when all...
  19. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    [/COLOR] You have control over the transitions times. All it sets is the jquery animation time. You could try 0 for no transition and then the next image loads immediately (if loaded already, other wise it'll load then). Fading require an entirely different sent of code, and isn't particularly...
  20. Sean McCormack

    LRB Plugins @ Photographers Toolbox Support

    Hi Scott, Sometimes Lightroom can take ages to load a gallery, any gallery in fact. There's nothing that can be done about it that I'm aware of. Save your settings as a template, then try a different gallery, then go back using the template. This works sometimes. I don't see it often though...
  21. Sean McCormack

    Help with LRB Portfolio plugin

    Hi Frank, I don't get notifications on user started posts, they need to be in the dedicated support thread: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/community/showthread.php?18311-LRB-Plugins-Photographers-Toolbox-Support I'm only seeing this because Victoria kindly tweeted a link to me. The question...
  22. Sean McCormack

    Avartar in LRB Portfolio

    You mean 'resources'. This video covers it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S1PhpjiKdw&list=UUwe_R91FNs-iBGFF8SieP3Q&index=29​
  23. Sean McCormack

    [delta300] LRB Portfolio

    Hi Delta, on the first matter, Lightroom offers Templates or Saved Galleries. Saved galleries includes the photos, Templates just the layout. If you change a photo, or the order with Saved Galleries, you can't go back, which is a downside. Lightroom usually saves previous entries in fields, and...