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  1. Replytoken

    Questions about purchasing Photography CC subscription

    B&H is currently selling the Photography CC 12-month subscription with a $25 e-gift card included. My questions are how long can you hold a purchased download/activation card before using it without it being invalid, and how many can you activate at one time? For example, if I purchase three...
  2. Replytoken

    Second Copy of LR5 Will Not Register

    I am installing a copy of LR5 on my laptop. This installation is in addition to my desktop installation. It takes both the serial number for LR5 as well as LR$ since the LR% number is an upgrade. The program give me green checks after entering both numbers and proceeds to the next screen. I...
  3. Replytoken

    Question about LR 5.x vs. 6.x speed on new laptop

    While things have been quiet on the LR and photo front for me this past year while I have been addressing some ongoing health issues, I have been slowly turning my attention back to my photography, as well as some hardware and software updates. I picked up a new Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop...
  4. Replytoken

    Need Assistance Calibrating NEC PA242W

    I recently took advantage of an absolutely fantastic price for a NEC refurbished PA242W ($248.00 USD + shipping and tax) to update my current two-monitor set-up. My set-up prior to this update was a NEC refurbished 2090UXi and an NEC refurbished 20WMGX2 monitor (sense a theme here). Both...
  5. Replytoken

    Question About Bay Photo Protective Coatings

    I am working on a display of five 20" square flower images that I had wanted to print on metal, but the budget presented to me did not quite cover the costs. However, Bay Photo currently has a 40% off large prints sale that allows me to print (and mount) these images within an acceptable...
  6. Replytoken

    Adobe link for upgrading LR 5.x to 6.x?

    I know that this issue has been discussed on many a past thread, but it seems like Adobe has again changed their Lightroom purchase pages to only show the CC version available. You can no longer even find v6.X for purchase in the US and there are no options on the purchase page for changing the...
  7. Replytoken

    Hardware upgrade question

    I have been using my Thinkpad T420 as my primary machine since around 2011, and was initially thinking about upgrading its drive and OS (W7-64 Pro), but after learning that Lenovo does not support W10 for this model, I have been looking at other options since I do not want the hassle of finding...
  8. Replytoken

    Monitor upgrade questions re: gamut and resolution

    I am looking at slowly upgrading my older hardware, and that includes one of my monitors. But, given the historically long useful life of a good monitor, I am trying to decide how far up the upgrade path I wish to go since my budget is not unlimited and my photographic equipment is not used to...
  9. Replytoken

    1:1 Previews Question (LR 5.7)

    My normal work flow is such that I am not usually needing to process large numbers of images (excepting import) so my current 3+ year old hardware is able to meet most of my needs with not too much delay. Unfortunately, I am now needing to process a large number of images that I previously...
  10. Replytoken

    Small sensor JPEG files - techniques?

    I have a long overdue vacation coming up for some much needed R&R with my wife, and as we are going to be at the beach for much of the time, I am considering bringing a compact waterproof camera with me for use in adverse conditions where I do not want to risk my regular gear. Unfortunately...
  11. Replytoken

    LR Purchase - Ireland?

    I was reading a thread in another forum, and a gentleman from Ireland mentioned that LR was only available on subscription for 150 Euros/year. Is this correct? Is purchase not option? --Ken
  12. Replytoken

    Yet another DNG question

    I generally try to avoid posting questions about topics like this as the discussion often head into the direction of Coke vs. Pepsi, Canon vs. Nikon, Ford vs. Chevy, etc. I understand why folks do and do not care for DNG, and and I am fine with that as everybody needs to do what works best for...
  13. Replytoken

    Has LR5 decided to adjust my images when LR 4 did not?

    When I import my images (in DNG format), I do not ask LR to make any adjustments, and it has been that way from LR1 to LR4. I upgraded to LR 5 earlier this year, and I just noticed that all of the images that I have imported since the upgrade are showing the "Photo has Develop adjustments" icon...
  14. Replytoken

    Questions on possible monitor upgrade

    I currently have two NEC 20" IPS monitors (1600x1200 and 1680x1050), and am considering replacing one of them as it is starting to ghost. I suspect that a possible replacement would be 1920x1080 as it is a common resolution in larger monitors. I need to spend a bit more time looking at the...
  15. Replytoken

    Backblaze post on HD reliability

    I came across this post and thought folks might find it interesting reading: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/what-hard-drive-should-i-buy/ I did not realize that Hitachi split their company into two sales - 2.5" to WD and 3.5" to Toshiba. Interesting reading, --Ken
  16. Replytoken

    Order when renaming files from multiple cameras

    I am in the midst of cleaning up a large number of images that have not been imported, and have a question about LR's renaming template logic. I normally shoot one camera per session, and often use ImageIngester Pro for renaming, but in this particular case, I shot with three cameras and want...
  17. Replytoken

    Software Suggestions for Chromebook Experiment

    I will soon be taking a trip in the near future where I will be deviating from my normal routine of just bringing camera equipment and leaving all processing tools (hardware and software) at home. I have been asked to take photographs at an event, and I would like to post some "quick and dirty"...
  18. Replytoken

    DNG as raw file format questions

    Until this month, all of the digital cameras that I have shot with have used their own raw format (NEF, ORF, RW2). However, I recently acquired a Ricoh GR, and its native raw format is DNG. As I normally convert my raw files to DNG using Adobe's Raw Converter with ImageIngester Pro 3, I have a...
  19. Replytoken

    Hot pixel in jpeg file but not raw?

    OK. I am a bit stumped by this. I am evaluating a new camera with a 16MP APS-C sensor that does not have a pixel remapping function. I shot a handful of test images in the raw+jpeg setting under a variety of conditions. Upon examining the images in LR, PSE8 and Faststone IV, all the jpeg...
  20. Replytoken

    vBulletin Hacked Article

    FYI: http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/11/password-hack-of-vbulletin-com-fuels-fears-of-in-the-wild-0-day-attacks/ . --Ken
  21. Replytoken

    Recommendations For Post LR Software

    Recently I have been having my images printed by commercial labs in a variety of formats for marketing purposes (posters, bookmarks, business cards, greeting cards, post cards). While some of the labs have their own in-house software, or use ROES software, there are instances where I need to...
  22. Replytoken

    Shades of Seinfeld!

    I have been using several custom and commercial labs these past few months for a variety of products related to a photo exhibit that I had on display last month. While some of the labs have been wonderful to deal with and have delivered quality products, like White House Custom Color and Modern...
  23. Replytoken

    Need help resolving possible color gamut/management issue

    I am trying to resolve a very perplexing problem that may be a color space/gamut issue, a software color management problem, or possibly some combination of both. First, a bit of background to help isolate the possible sources of the problem. I am working on a W7-64 machine with two...
  24. Replytoken

    Lr 4.4.1?

    Thom Hogan posted a brief note about Adobe releasing v4.4.1 on his sansmirror.com web site. It sounded like it was mostly the addition of camera profiles, but does anybody know if it contains any other bug fixes or improvements? Adobe's read-me file did not call out the differences between 4.4...
  25. Replytoken

    Bent Corners?

    I just received an order of 20x30" prints from a lab this afternoon. It is the second time I have used this lab for 20x30's, and I am beginning to wonder if it is difficult to ship a print this large without some minor shipping damage. The lab went to great lengths to package up the prints...