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  1. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom Different handling of JPG and RAW Files

    I don't know the specifics of Irfanview, though as both the Irfanview view is the same as the jpeg it's reasonable to assume that you are indeed only being shown the embedded Jpeg. Which is not untypical of most external viewers. Lightroon itself shows the embedded jpeg initially, but that is...
  2. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom Different handling of JPG and RAW Files

    Here's a very old post, going back to LR1 and 2 days, which explains the issue: Why did Lr 'ruin' my picture? Some of that post is now out-of-date, but the main point is still correct. Irfanview will be showing you the embedded Jpeg within the Raw file, which was created in-camera using the...
  3. Jim Wilde

    Library module Update DNG Previews & Metadata

    I suggest you try resetting the LR Preferences then, as that can often correct obscure issues such as that.: How do I reset Lightroom's Preferences? | The Lightroom Queen If that doesn't fix the problem, it would be a good idea to report the problem directly to Adobe using the link at the top...
  4. Jim Wilde

    Library module Update DNG Previews & Metadata

    I'm using the same build as you, and it doesn't matter which camera profile I use (and yes, I did specifically use Camera Portrait v2 as well as others). You didn't answer my question, i.e. after which procedure does the "Reset Settings" history step occur....Save Metadata or Update DNG Preview?
  5. Jim Wilde

    Library module Update DNG Previews & Metadata

    That shouldn't happen, i.e. you shouldn't see "Reset Settings" in the history panel. I've tried to reproduce what you've reported, but I'm not able to. When converting a raw file to DNG (and I'm using CR3s from an EOS R, the same as you), the history panel should show a "From Metadata" step...
  6. Jim Wilde

    CAnceling Catalog Backup LR 6

    "Yes" to the first question, and "almost certainly" to the second.
  7. Jim Wilde

    Finding out which images arent in a collection

    In the Collections Panel, click on the first collection and then shift-click on the last collection. That selects all the collections, so then go into Grid view and do Ctrl+A which will select all the images in all the collections. Then, with them all still selected, click on All Photographs in...
  8. Jim Wilde

    Something Strange is Happening

    Have you tried turning off the "Use Graphics Processor" option in the Lightroom Preferences>Performance tab?
  9. Jim Wilde

    Dependencies in Adjustment Order

    Keeping the adjustments in a sidecar file is an option that you can choose, but the prime location for all the changes that you make is the catalog database. You are correct in that the original image data is never changed, as Lightroom is a non-destructive editor, and that you can always revert...
  10. Jim Wilde

    Issues linking windows file photos to LR Classic (Update Folder Location does not work)

    "Update Folder Location" would not be the correct tool in this case, as it does not "import" any images from the new target folder that have not already been imported. "Synchronize Folder" would be the better option, and that does perform an import of images in the folder that are not already in...
  11. Jim Wilde

    Any way to mass delete "unknown face boxes"?

    If you are using the People view, and you're working in the "Unnamed Faces" grid, when you select them all (or just a few) you are not selecting the images, but you are selecting just the unnamed face regions. So, provided you are in that specific view, right-clicking on any one of the selected...
  12. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom Cloudy On Two Machines

    Yes, the file will also exist on the MacBook and will probably be of a similar size. You could try to keep the size down by setting the photo cache size to 0% (although there'll still be the minimum space used), on the Preferences>Local Storage tab. However, you cannot move that library to a...
  13. Jim Wilde

    New PC

    What Ferguson was implying is "if Lightroom on your new PC is a newer major version...."
  14. Jim Wilde

    LightRoom will not burn a Disk

    No, that's not the problem. Please see the post immediately above yours.
  15. Jim Wilde

    Import Adobe Lightroom classic: preview unavailable

    Have a look at this link: Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF Images
  16. Jim Wilde

    Down load to another hard dive

    It's still not clear what you mean by "lightroom" in this context. If you mean the catalog, previews and image files, there's no problem in having those on a different drive (internal or external, but the catalog cannot be on a network drive). But if you mean you want the actual program...
  17. Jim Wilde

    Deleting unwanted camera profiles

    Default Camera profiles for, e.g. Nikon or Canon camera, are not stored in the user's AppData area on Windows. They can be found in the system's ProgramData>Adobe>CameraRaw>CameraProfiles folder. User-created Camera Profiles, however, ARE stored in the AppData>Roaming etc. folders that Doug...
  18. Jim Wilde

    Library module LR 9 - Lost Keywords

    Going back to the previous version is quite simple. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app and find the entry for Lightroom Classic in the All Apps list. Click on the three dots next to the "Open" button and select Uninstall. That removes the current version 9.0, and once done the "Open" button...
  19. Jim Wilde

    Upgrade Problems

    TBH, that seems unlikely, though certainly not impossible. If I was having that issue there are a couple of other things I'd be trying first: Trying to create a new catalog (just to see if LR9 will open)....do that by holding down the Ctrl key while starting Classic. That causes the "Select...
  20. Jim Wilde

    Upgrade Problems

    In which case, given that you've tried all the suggested actions, maybe you'd be better off reverting back to 8.4.1 for the time being, until the next update is released, and hope that it fixes whatever problem is causing your crashes. In the meantime, maybe submit a bug report (using the link...
  21. Jim Wilde

    DNG Previews Not Fully Rendering In Import Window

    I doubt you'd be the only person shooting Raw on an iPhone, though the majority would likely be using the Lightroom Mobile app's camera to shoot in DNG format, which can then sync to the cloud and back down into Classic. Have you thought about trying that?
  22. Jim Wilde

    Upgrade Problems

    Open the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app to see which versions of Lightroom it thinks are installed. If you see Lightroom Classic v9.0 listed, click on the "Open" button. That way we know your system is starting the correct version. If it issues the same "Need to upgrade the catalog" message...
  23. Jim Wilde

    Can't reset the Edited attribute

    It works exactly as the OP describes, i.e. the complete opposite to the way that Classic works. So it's either a strange design choice or a bug, either way it would be worth putting in a bug report (using the link at the top of the page) and making specfic reference to the different ways that...
  24. Jim Wilde

    Sync Disk Usage for Sync with Lightroom CC

    If you can't figure it out by eye-balling the images in Finder, the the quickest way to identify the contents using Lightroom would be to right-click on the "Mobile Downloads.lrdata" and select Synchronize Folder. In the first resulting dialog make sure that the "Show Import Dialog" is...