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  1. kitjv

    NEC's MDSV Calibration Sensor

    Note: This seems like the most logical subforum for a question on color management. If I erred, please let me know so that I can post it elsewhere. I have been using an older NEC Eye-One Display 2 sensor to calibrate my NEC P221W display. With the installation of Apple's latest OS (10.15), I...
  2. kitjv

    Blurb: Your Thoughts?

    I would like to have a photo book printed. The idea of using the Book Module (i.e. Blurb) in LR Classic CC sounds convenient. However, I am most interested in print quality. Unfortunately, the comments & reviews that I have seen regarding Blurb are rather dismal. So I would appreciate some...
  3. kitjv

    Confusion on Transfering Catalogs Between Computers

    This is likely a remedial question. This is the first time that I have transferred a LR catalog from one computer to another. Specifically, I returned from a trip to Sicily where I backed up all of my images into LR on my MacBook. This enabled me to keyword my images & to add meaningful...
  4. kitjv

    Setting the White/Black Points

    In LR v7.4, the first thing that I generally do is to set both the white & black points. However, I noticed that if I set these points after moving one of the other Tone sliders, the values of the white & black points will be different (compared to setting them first). This is understandable. My...
  5. kitjv

    Basic LR Mobile Question

    I just downloaded LR Mobile v3.3.1 onto my iPhone 8. When I launched LR Mobile for the first time, I noticed that one of the collections from LR Classic CC (on my desktop computer) synced with my iPhone. Any idea why this occurred? Also, after I Ctrl-clicked on the synced collection &...
  6. kitjv

    Determine File Size

    If I select a collection of images in LR, is there a way to determine the file size (i.e. in Mb or Gb) of all of the images as a group? Thank you kindly.
  7. kitjv

    Transferring Images

    I recently bought a older MacBook as my traveling computer. On a recent trip to Alaska, I imported images from my camera into a Collection on the internal drive in Lightroom. Although I do not plan to edit these images until I get home, I did keyword & added captions to the images to keep them...
  8. kitjv

    LR on Traveling MacBook

    I have a couple of remedial questions. I purchased a used MacBook 13" specifically for backing up my images while traveling. My plan is to install LR Classic & on a daily basis back up my camera's memory card. Also, I plan to keyword & make notes on the images for reference when I return home...
  9. kitjv

    Import Rotated Image From Camera

    Operating System:Mac High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic v7.2 Today I imported a series of images from my Canon 6D into Lightroom Classic. Much to my bewilderment, I noticed that half of the images were rotated (see below). When I look at the playback images...
  10. kitjv

    Crop Multiple Images

    Operating System:Mac Nigh Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic I have 4 variations of the same image that I would like to crop identically. Is there a way to apply the crop to all 4 simultaneously? Thank you.
  11. kitjv

    Confusing "lrcat" Files

    Operating System:Mac OS 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 I recently opened my Lightroom subfolder in my Mac's home folder. In addition to the "lrcat" file, there is a file named "lrcat-wal" & "lrcat.lock". Can someone tell me what these are...
  12. kitjv

    Photography Plan Confusion?

    Operating System:High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I thought that I had sorted out the differences between the various LR subscription plans. But, apparently not. I downloaded the trial version of Lightroom Classic. After doing so, I immediately decided to buy...
  13. kitjv

    Photoshop Learning Source

    Operating System:10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6 I anticipate upgrading from the standalone LR6 version to LR7 Photography Plan. Since this subscription plan includes Photoshop, I figured that it might be time to learn the essentials of Photoshop. So, I am looking...
  14. kitjv

    iMac Retina 27 or NEC MultiSync P221

    Operating System:10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR6 I have been using an NEC MultiSync P221W display for editing photos in LR for years. However, I recently purchased a new iMac Retina 27. Although I have not calibrated the iMac yet, I am curious how the iMac's...
  15. kitjv

    Connecting Second Display

    Please let me know if this question is off-topic. I edit my images on an older second display (NEC P221W). Having purchased a new iMac 27, I need to connect the NEC display to the iMac. However, the display uses a DVI connector & the iMac has only USB3 & Thunderbolt ports. I would appreciate...
  16. kitjv

    Let Me Be Sure I Have This Right

    Operating System:10.11.6 Lightroom Version: LR6 Perpetual License (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I currently have LR6 perpetual license. So in order to upgrade to LR7 I obviously have to make a choice...
  17. kitjv

    Unknown Import Preset

    I have a feeling that the answer to this question is too obvious for me to see. But I will suck up my pride. :) Other than a lens correction preset, I have set no other import presets in LR 6.12. However, I recently imported several images from a camera that I rarely use (a Canon 60D). After...
  18. kitjv

    Whites/Blacks Sliders Shortcut?

    I came across this shortcut a while back, but wanted to verify if indeed I am correct. By holding the Shift key (on a Mac) & double-clicking the word "Whites" in the Basic Panel, the white point will be automatically set. Same with the "Blacks". Is this correct? Thank you.
  19. kitjv

    Need Clarification on Output Quality

    I have assumed that, when exporting images out of LR6 for printing (in JPEG format), the Quality slider (under File Settings) should be set at "100" to assure the retention of the highest level of quality. However, several people have suggested that a setting in the range of 75 - 85. I am...
  20. kitjv

    Export to Lab for Printing

    I have been using the ProDPI lab for printing & mounting my images. To export the post-processed images from LR6 into the ProDPI software, I use the Print Module in LR6. Although I have had no problem with this sequence, I am curious if this is indeed the preferable method. Thank you for any...
  21. kitjv

    HSL Targeted Adjustment Glitch

    In the HSL Panel, whenever I click on the targeted adjustment tool, the cursor turns into the Zoom Tool instead. I relaunched LR 6.10.1 to no avail. Am I overlooking something obvious? Thank you. Kit
  22. kitjv

    Folders Names Missing?

    In the Folder Panel on my Mac, I have set up the folder hierarchy as follows: Home Folder>Pictures>Lightroom Photos>2017>month & day. For some unexplainable reason, there is no label next to each year folder (e.g. 2017) & no labels next to each month/day subfolder (e.g. 2017 Feb. 6). The only...
  23. kitjv

    Arranging Photos by Capture Date

    I selected a few hundred photos from a variety of folders and put them in Quick Collection. I would like to arrange them by capture date. Could someone kindly tell me the easiest way to do this? Thank you so much. Kit
  24. kitjv

    Import Destination Question

    When importing photos from a memory card, in the Destination Panel I have the "Into Subfolder" checkbox ticked & in the "Organize" pop-up menu "By Date" is selected. Finally, the correct date is displayed in the "Date Format" pop-up menu (i.e. 2016Dec20). So far everything seems fine. However...
  25. kitjv

    Cleaning Up Folder Hierarchy

    My Folder Panel structure is nicely simple. Under my Lightroom Photos parent folder, I have one subfolder for each calendar year. As I was tidying up a few things in the Folder Panel, I noticed that in the past I must have inadvertently duplicated the 2012 subfolder as a child folder under...