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  1. Opa

    iMac: Mid 2017 vs iMac Pro ?

    Surprised I couldn't find this posted yet. So, buy an almost fully tricked out Mid 2017 iMac (4.2Ghz Quad / 64gb RAM) for $3,899 this week or wait 7 months for a nice space grey iMac Pro for $5k? Any idea how LR, Affinity, and other photo apps will run on the Mid 2017 vs the iMac Pro? I'd...
  2. Opa

    LR cannot do RAW to external editor (Portrait Pro) ?

    Am I correct that to edit these as RAW in PP that I need to load them directly from the file and that I cannot do RAW as an 'Edit In' pseudo plugin from LR? EG, from LR my best option is ProPhoto 16 bit (which looses a ton of image quality)? Thanks,
  3. Opa

    Fix wrong date from import ?

    Got a new camera last April. The date was set 1 year ahead so when I imported it created a folder 2017.04.15 and placed the files for that day in there. Same for numerous subsequent days until I finally realized what it was doing and changed the date in the camera to 2016. Am I thinking...
  4. Opa

    13" tb MBP vs iMac?

    I'm debating between a couple of setups. 1 - Late 2016 13" tb MBP / 3.3Ghz / 16 gb RAM with 2 external 27" displays (LG 5k + Apple 2.5k) with a 2tb Sandisk SSD for storage. I'd be purchasing the 5k display for this. 2 - Wait for new iMac later this spring. So top end 27" 5k iMac + already...
  5. Opa

    Cut Marks ?

    How do you get LR to print cut marks (e.g., edge of desired page size when you have to print to a larger page size) in LR 6.7? I thought older versions allowed crop marks or cut marks but more recent seem to only include crop marks (which are aligned with the image cell but not the desired page...
  6. Opa

    Sharing (contact sheets?) w/ clients ?

    My workflow is largely an adaption of how I worked with film. After a shoot I will spit out contact sheets to a PDF, upload to dropbox, and send a link to the client to download and browse. Depending on the client this might be every shot or might be quickly culled to perhaps 50%. An exception...
  7. Opa

    Still can't see flags etc in full screen ?

    One of the most irritating issues for me has been the lack of info in full screen mode. Yes, ideally it s/b nothing but image and black but there are exceptions. When I have to sort on my laptop and without a second display I'd really like to be able to see previously set flags and possibly...
  8. Opa

    WD Thunderbolt Duo external drive ?

    In need of some new external drives for when I'm on long-term location (like 2 weeks or more). One thought is WD Thunderbolt Duo. The theoretical advantage is Thunderbolt connectivity but I'm not sure how much difference that will make for photo editing and my machine is a mid-2012 Macbook Air...
  9. Opa

    Temporarily move catalog and photos ?

    All of my personal photos are in a single catalog on my Mac Pro with most photos in a single directory structure on a local server but some scattered in miscellaneous other directories on my Mac Pro. Among these are photos of my wife's garden that she wants me to edit for her annual photo book...
  10. Opa

    Palette Gear ?

    Wondering if anyone has tried Palette Gear stuff? http://palettegear.com Seems like it'd be beneficial for some stuff and more so the more bits you have but often things like this for me turn out to not live up to the benefits I expect and I revert back to KISS.
  11. Opa

    Lightroom compatible alternative to Photoshop ?

    A company that I do some work for will no longer be allowing subscription software. Based on their updated business continuity plan all software must be a perpetual license. Exceptions require approval from CFO and CIO (this is a Fortune 50 corp so that's not likely for Photoshop). The folks I...
  12. Opa

    Multipel versions on mac ?

    I'm currently running LR 4.4 perpetual on OS X 10.11.0 on a Mac Pro. Can I install either 5.7 or 6.1.1 upgrade and import the catalog without killing LR 4.4? In other words, I really don't want Adobe problems and would prefer an easy way to go back to 4.4 if necessary. Thanks,
  13. Opa

    Best / Most Stable OSX+LR perpetual version ?

    I'm currently running LR 4.4 (perpetual) on three machines; Mac Pro (OS X 10.7 / mid-2010 5,1 2.8Ghz quad xeon, 12gb RAM), 2 macbook air (OS X / 10.10.3 / mid 2012, 2Ghz i7, 8gb RAM). These have all been relatively stable though will suddenly shut down or lock up occasionally (3 or 4 times per...