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    Showing focus camera point in LR

    Is it possible to show the camera focus point in LR?
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    LR 5.5 - import dialog not appearing on CF card insert

    Previously when I inserted a CF card into thereader LR would automaticaly open the import dialog it no longer does this - what do I need to do to reset it that way? thanks
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    Lens correction for new canon 16-35?

    just wondered whether the 5.5 update includes lens corrections for the new canon 16-35 f4L? I can see from the read me which cameras it supports but don't see whereit lists lenses
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    Can setting a label be made to export?

    Is it possible to have LR export an image if it is assigned a certain label?
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    LR5.3 doesn't think it needs 5.4

    The LR 5.4 updater says you can upgrade through the program but when I try it says that LR5.3 is fully up to date and there are no updates available I realise I can go to the link and download, but worry that there's some logical reason why it doesn't want to upgrade from the application...
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    Soft proofing

    Just discovered the soft proofing option in LR (how did I miss it?) Can we put other profiles other than Epson (which seesm to be the defaults) or display profiles in there?
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    Vertical lines in -fit to view-

    just started getting these vertical lines in the image - is it something I'm doing wrong or is it LR misbehaving? when I zoom in to 100% it is there for a half second then disappears (not tried printing it yet) any thoughts?
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    Is there any way to add notes to virtual copies?

    Sometimes I have several version of an image (virtual copies) and often I have to leave what I am doing before I finish so would like to be able to add notes to an image version to remind me what I was trying to achieve or what I was trying to achieve with a certaon version Also sometimes I...
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    LR changed Mk to Pk inks - why?

    Hi just trying t print with LR and I had chosen a profile Epson>enhanced matte and it the (Epson 3880 printer changed ink from Mk to Pk - why did it do that as previously Im sure that profile had been using Mk? As usual I expect it's something daft Ive done ;)
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    EDIT IN - greyed out - why?

    probably obvious but why are the options to 'edit in' greyed out - thanks
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    second monitor bafflement

    I tried watching this vid on how to use two monitors but it won't play http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2013/09/using-lightroom-with-two-monitors.html So can someone here help please? I managed ( don't know how) to open an image full screen on my old and now second monitor (Apple 20" Cinema...
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    Auto Import: why does it have 'move to' rather than 'import to'

    Auto import is something I have never managed to get to work or to understand but now that I have finally upgraded my computer and am finally getting to use LR5 I tried it again and see that whichever folder to select to be watched it asks which folder to 'move to' but I don't want to move...
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    Implications: Greyscale Mix, HSL desaturated + same mix, or -100% saturation basic

    I am still intrigued about the differences between HSL desaturated + same luminance mix as greyscale mix, or -100% saturation basic , and Greyscale Mix. as they each produce very different results They all produce slightly different results and usually the simple -100% Saturation has the best...
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    How to back up collections and presets?

    My computer is misbehaving and I need to reinstall the system software. I might need to reinstall Lightroom ( and everything else) As i'm on a PPC Mac, Lr2.7 is what Im using and will be reinstalling (if needed) How do I back up (and reinstall) my collections and presets? (Can't remember what...
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    Saving from photoshop

    my current understanding is that if you open a file from LR into (edit in)Ps, edit it then 'save', a new version is saved into LR. If you 'save as' it goes wherever you designate and is not upadted in LR, and if you then update again and save - I have no idea what it does:confused: My main...
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    LR Camera Calibration for Canon 5D mk1 + mk2

    In LR 2.7 (can't upgrade as I can't afford a new computer) with Canon 5D mk 1 and Mk2 I notice that when images first appear in the library the colour looks great until LR creates its own preview, then it goes what is to my eye , way off. So for example a sand that looks really neutral becomes...
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    Can't see what's on a new HD with backed up images - just get "already in catalogue''

    I recently bought a new external 3TB HD and copied my images to it and then asked LR to import the images ( so I could browse the images on that HD) However LR just tells me they are already in the catalogue and doesnt show the images as on that HD , as it does with my other HDs. So I tried...
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    Images out of date synch

    I use one catalogue with lots of collections Im sure the main catalogue ( with all my photos in) used to be chronological, but no longer. Images taken one year are interspersed or alternate with ones taken a year later I have gone through as many settings as I can think of to try to get it...
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    Best practice for using smart collections?

    I want smart collections to find a keyword e.g. 'Beach and/or Beaches', 'Field and/or Fields', 'Pebbles and/or Stone and/or Stones' etc Assuming I assign 'any' rather than 'all' , then 'keywords' and in the final (third) fields put the words themselves, Beach, beaches etc. :Should I set the...
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    Why is there a difference between normal desaturation and HSL desaturation?

    I'm still on LR2 ( and a PPC mac) but assuming LR3 hasn't changed that much can anyone tell me why the histograms are different (and also visible in the image) between setting the normal 'saturation' slider to -100 and setting the HSL sliders all to -100? These examples are from ACR but the...
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    How to set B&W or Colour in smart collections -LR2-

    I am trying to make a smart collection which collects images of a certain amount of stars but one for colour and one for B+W I can't work out how to get it to recongise if a file is Colour or B+W - do I have to assign a label for the purpose? using LR2
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    YY before and after head scratching

    A feature i have never used yet in LR as I havent understood how it works is the compare images 'before and after' with the 'YY' icon Can someone explain it to me? As it is it appears to only work witha single image - is this right? I would like to be able to compare two separate...
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    How to print CD cover?

    How do I get LR to print at size 12'mm by 12'mm?
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    Brilliant idea no 3

    if there isnt a way to do this there should be IMVHO;) To be able to: Crop the image and then apply auto adjustments which now works only on the cropped portion. You could then save that auto setting + revert to the uncropped version and finish off This would be useful e.g. where you...
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    Where's me filters gone?

    ey up! I have enabled filters [command -L] but still cant find the filters bar in the UI? Where's it gorn?:o