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  1. Hal P Anderson

    Are full-size and smart previews regenerated and saved after develop edits?

    Smart previews aren't really previews, they're a proxy for your master files, hence they are never regenerated.
  2. Hal P Anderson

    Lightroom 6.1 upgrade to 6.14 fails

    Unfortunately, LR 6.14 won't do it for you. You need at least 7.3 to read raw files from that camera. You can use Adobe's free DNG converter to convert them to DNG, which Lightroom will be able to support.
  3. Hal P Anderson

    November Upgrade

    Probably from the cloud. Installing is usually more than just putting an executable program on disk.
  4. Hal P Anderson

    November Upgrade

    You have to re-install Lightroom Classic 8.4.1 and use it to open your saved copy of the 8.4.1 catalogue.
  5. Hal P Anderson

    Import Move and Add blacked out on Import Screen

    OK. Due to a combination of LR 9 and Catalina, Lightroom is probably seeing your external disk as a "removable" device, like a card reader. This will undoubtedly be fixed, and in the mean time, you've found a workaround. Johan beat me to it.
  6. Hal P Anderson

    Import Move and Add blacked out on Import Screen

    You'll see that if you're importing directly from the card.
  7. Hal P Anderson

    How to enlarge size of circle dot for Star ratings in grid view

    I'm pretty sure you're stuck with that size. You could select an image and hit a numeric key: 0 = no stars; 1= one star; etc.
  8. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module Imac crashes when converting to HDR

    Did you make it crash while monitoring? 40-46 is pretty cool as CPU temperatures go. I'm running out of ideas. With the whole machine crashing, it's a hardware problem. Try running diagnostics on memory.
  9. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module Imac crashes when converting to HDR

    It could be that it's overheating when Lightroom drives it hard. Do you have access to a thermometer app that will monitor your CPU temperatures?
  10. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module Imac crashes when converting to HDR

    First thing to try is to go to the Performance tab of your Lightroom Preferences and turn off using the GPU. Then try HDR or Panorama again.
  11. Hal P Anderson

    LR crashing on import

    I'd recommend taking your computer to Apple and have them check it over. Like I said in an earlier post, if your whole computer is crashing, you have a hardware problem.
  12. Hal P Anderson

    Lr Classic v 9

    I'm pretty sure you're right. I can't test it, either. :)
  13. Hal P Anderson

    zoom not matching ratio size

    The way that Lightroom works, that's irrelevant. The Develop Module always creates a view from the actual raw file, so a 1:1 in develop, will always be 1:1. The problem is happening in the Library Module. Also, when I import a raw file from my Pen F using Embedded Preview, zooming the image to...
  14. Hal P Anderson

    Photography Plan question

    That's what it implies. Is there any reason you want to delay changing plans until after 31 January?
  15. Hal P Anderson

    How far back do your back-ups go (if a wood chuck could chuck backups)?

    One per year for previous years, one per month for the last 12 months, and all the current month's backups will cover you for most contingencies. Cletus (if I remember correctly) claims to have gone back to quite an old backup to clear up a user-error problem. Zipped, catalogues don't take up...
  16. Hal P Anderson

    How to Hide Mask in Adjustment Brush

    What happens if you set your Temp slider to 0?
  17. Hal P Anderson

    Camera presets disappear after import to Lightroom.

    That's the way it works with raw files. The camera settings, except for white balance, are ignored by Lightroom when it creates an RGB image from the raw data. The image you see for a short while is the embedded preview created by the camera. In Lightroom, you can choose "camera-matching"...
  18. Hal P Anderson

    Lost Folders LR5.7.1

    You probably opened an old catalogue. Go to menu item File->Open Recent and work your way through the catalogues listed there until you find the correct one.
  19. Hal P Anderson

    That pesky white line...

    If any of us knew, we wouldn't be able to tell you. My personal opinion is that it isn't likely, but I've often been surprised.
  20. Hal P Anderson

    Reading SD card

    Those aren't images from your SD card. They are icons and such from somewhere in your operating system. Probably you need to point to a different place in the Input section of the Import window. Jim just said the same thing, but better. :)
  21. Hal P Anderson

    Delete from disk.

    On my windows 10 system, Lightroom-deleted files go into the Recycle Bin. When you right click on the Recycle Bin icon and choose Properties, does the disk where your images are kept allow moves to the Recycle Bin?