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  • The November 2019 Lightroom updates are now available. Lightroom Classic includes the ability to export the same photos as multiple sizes/formats in a single export, content aware fill for panorama edges and more. It does require a catalog format upgrade and there are updated system requirements, so you may want to wait a few days before upgrading.
    Lightroom (cloud-based service) has export options (such as TIFF format, renaming and color space), custom sort order on the desktop, copy/paste to multiple photos on iOS and more.
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    The catalog does not appear to be a valid Lightroom catalog.

    Operating System: High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 7.01 trial Hello dear experts. Im stuck for 2 full days because LR 7 can't open/import my 5.3 GIG LR 6 catalog, because of unknown error. After my 5K iMac came back from repair with new 3tb fusion drive, Adope...
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    1.000.000 photo organise - merging 2 catalogs - LR can't find photos after big upgrad

    This may be the biggest challenge to the experts so far in this forum. However I think many photographers have the same problems - thus justifying the time consuming answers.:hail: I have roughly a million photos on 20 hard drives, that I need to reorganise and move the most important to my...
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    Hire a photographer with an IQ of 80 and make a Lightroom that he can understand.

    The problem with everything made by experts is that its to complicated and difficult to use, because they take for granted, that what is obvious to them is also obvious to the user. Make sure that the stupid photographer ask a lot of stupid questions - and listen carefully. I am not stupid in...
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    Automatic file name generation based on the first 5-10 most important keywords.

    Since its more practical to put keywords first before making file names and since Lightroom cant snap keywords from the file name, this way around could save a lot of time and give longer more descriptive file names.:nod: Thanks
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    white area in Develop and Grid modules, to compare white in images with

    Oh - it would also be good to have a white area in Develop and Grid modules, to compare white in images with. This would make it easier to detect color casts. We could click a square of white open next to the image in grid by activating it on the thumbnail.
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    Colors everywhere please. There are good reasons why we have color vision.!

    Its probably 10 times faster to find things by color than by text - just like its much easier to find the only ripe apple on the tree by color, than by reading a label on each apple. :nod: We have color vision because the hunter who saw no colors had less chance of survival by finding his pray...
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    Smooth motion of Develop 1:1 rectangle showing the displayed area of the image

    In the navigator it would be a dream come true, to have an automatic smooth motion of the the rectangle showing the displayed area of the image.:nod: Its very tiring for the eye to scrutinize thousands of images for spots and blemishes in 1:1 when the area searched is jumping and jittering. Let...
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    Move the navigator in develop module to the right side.

    This will allow us to close the left panel and gain more working space (important for smaller monitors):nod: It will also mean moving the curser shorter distances when working in 1:1:nod: (- Please move also the command buttons in the navigator to the top to the bottom since the curser...
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    Automatic CAPTION generation based on file name and keywords about where and what.

    Combined photographers must have spent a billion hours writing captions and finding info for these captions. If there is software that can do this based on keywords, filename, GPS info and Wikipedia, then it would be a dream come true to apply it to Lightroom. I have 37.000 images online with...
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    Let thumbnails keep loading

    A lot of waiting time could be saved if all thousand or 10.000 thumbnails in the grid would keep loading until finished instead of stopping when the viewable have loaded. If this is not possible, then let us reduce the thombnail sizes to microscopic, so that all 10.000 are viewable without...
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    How to merge 2 catalogs on one mac powerbook

    When I was novice a helper unfortunately made a new catalog and I could not find the old, so I lost 2,5 month work. Lightroom is not logic, intuitive or easy to use - like say ACDsee. For example the library is in a catalog while in the real World the catalogs are in the library - thats how the...
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    selecting multible images pressing command in GRIDVIEW unstable

    In L3.3 on a mac powerbook with 10 gig ram and 58GIG free, when clicking thombnails, they suddenly disappear, and the last clicked image opens in Develop. Worse still - when I return to Library, all the highlighted images are unchosen and only the last clicked highlighted - - even when I keep...
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    Two arrows are faster than one

    God gave us two hands, but only one arrow. Its would be faster and less tiring if we had a curser on the trackpad or extra mouse for say chosing images and other things in the grid, so we can keep the right hand curser in the editing area. The idea may need forwarding to Microsoft and Mac os. I...