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  • The November 2019 Lightroom updates are now available. Lightroom Classic includes the ability to export the same photos as multiple sizes/formats in a single export, content aware fill for panorama edges and more. It does require a catalog format upgrade and there are updated system requirements, so you may want to wait a few days before upgrading.
    Lightroom (cloud-based service) has export options (such as TIFF format, renaming and color space), custom sort order on the desktop, copy/paste to multiple photos on iOS and more.
    The Missing FAQ and Edit Like a Pro eBooks are already updated for the changes.

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  1. SarasotaSunshine

    What Am I Missing??

    Am I seriously missing something I'd really love by not using the cloud-based version of Lr? Background: I've been using Lr for about five years. I use Lightroom Classic 8.x via the Photography subscription plan on a windows 10 desktop. I also use Photoshop. I sell my work, mostly...
  2. SarasotaSunshine

    Editing Watermarks On The Fly During Export?

    Operating System: Windows 10 (latest version) Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 Hi, All, Here's another Watermarking question: I use graphic (as opposed to text) watermarks extensively to add my signature and year date to my photos on export. These...
  3. SarasotaSunshine


    Operating System: Windows 10 (latest version) Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 Hi, All, I use graphic (as opposed to text) watermarks extensively to add my signature and year date to my photos on export. These watermarks are saved in different colors...
  4. SarasotaSunshine

    Please Help! Custom Watermarks Don't Work after Upgrade to 6.7

    I have a long list of custom watermarks that I use frequently. I upgraded to LR 6.7 a few days ago, and now when I attempt to use one of my custom watermarks, they aren't applied to the image. The list is still visible in LR, but I'm guessing the pointer to the watermarks got messed up. How...
  5. SarasotaSunshine

    How to Crop and Maintain Quality for BIG Prints

    Hello, I need help and hope this is the correct section for this question. I hope somebody can give me some guidance! My problems are that I’m new to LR and to photography and, probably most important, I am “numerically challenged." By that I mean I struggle greatly trying to understand...
  6. SarasotaSunshine

    Changing Background in LR

    Is it possible and/or worthwhile to make major changes to an image's background using LR? For instance, I have a bird shot where my f/stop was at 8 and the leaves behind the bird are too in focus and distracting. I'd like to blur out the background or maybe even make it black. However, the...
  7. SarasotaSunshine

    In "Library" Mode - Folders vs. Collections

    Being new to LR, I'm trying to understand when and why I might want to create a Collection, as opposed to just working with the Folders? There are so many filtering options that can be used -- are Collections just another way of filtering content? I'd love it if someone can provide some...
  8. SarasotaSunshine

    Understanding (some of) the Effects of the LR Virtual Image Concept

    Day 3 of my LR learning curve! So, in poking around in the photos I've imported into LR, some new questions arose because I don't think I have the concept down yet of the differentiation between the real photo stored on my hard drive and LR's virtual copy of it (pointer to it) as viewed in LR...
  9. SarasotaSunshine

    Hello from the Gulf Coast of Florida!

    Hello, LR Users, I'm new here today and hoping to learn from the LR experts. I just installed LR 2 days ago and have been working my way (slowly) through the Julianne Kost videos and other training materials. Since I'm also new to photography and the whole post-processing thing, I have a LOT...
  10. SarasotaSunshine

    How to Manage Import File Name Presets

    Hi, All, I've had LR for 2 days and expect I'll have lots of questions that I hope I can ask here and get some suggestions. I'm searching through here, LR Help, and other places first, but being new to the application, it can be difficult to know the right search words to find answers. Anyway...
  11. SarasotaSunshine

    How to Correct a File Naming Mistake Made During Import

    Hello, Lr Forum! I'm new here today and new to LR 5.3. I've been going through Julianne Kost's videos and just imported my first photos via my Camera's card. I set up a custom file-renaming preset but did something wrong because all of my photos now have the same, incorrect portion of their...