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  1. fullkoll

    Why no camera matching profiles with ALL supported cameras?

    I just sold my Sony RX100IV (after also having owned RX100 and RX100 III before that). I was planning to upgrade to RX100VII but instead I bought a Canon G5Xm2, which still keeps the fast lens and has a reasonable lens range of 24-120mm. To my surprise the Canon does not have the Camera...
  2. fullkoll

    Download LR 6 - is it possible!

    I went on to LR Classic a few months ago, but my son stayed with LR 6.14 - he isn't really a very keen photographer and has up till now been using LR on a MacMini 2012- but is thinking about upgrading to a faster Mac for other reasons than photography. My view is that he should make a "clean"...
  3. fullkoll

    Possible to adjust the default Auto ?

    Hi, I tend to use Auto on almost every picture to start with and I think it mostly does a pretty good job with the tones and I can then take over and continue working myself. But....... the Vibrance and Saturation sliders are often way over my taste in lots of pics - the majority actually...
  4. fullkoll

    Reset old adjustments when re-developing?

    I left LR6.14 a few months ago for LR Classic folder based and am re-developing my old RAW-files. With new files I always start with the Adobe Color profile and press Auto to have something to start editing with. In the old files there are already some adjustments done and my question is: Do I...
  5. fullkoll

    Using LR Classic on 3 Macs ?- sort of.....

    I have LR Classic installed on my two stationary Macs, but would like to use it on my Macbook Air when I travel. Can I logout of one of the stationary Macs and install it on the MB Air? And the other way around when I get back from travelling...... I suppose the answer is "yes", but would like...
  6. fullkoll

    Moving to LR Classic folder based subscription? Problems?

    Hi, I have resisted moving away from LR 6.14 to LR Classic (is that the right term?) folder based subscription for at long time, but I realise that the forthcoming Mojave pure 64 bit version will make it impossible to stay - so I am mentally preparing for the transfer ;-) Today I have all my...
  7. fullkoll

    Where can I download LR6 these days......?

    Operating System:macOS 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.14 Hi everyone, I am one of those strange people staying with the perpetual LR6 and I am satisfied with that...... for now ;-) The thing is that one of my Macs crashed the other day and I have to start from...
  8. fullkoll

    Problems with the adjustments in the develop module (TAT tool)

    Some of the adjustments in the develop module by dragging in the photo doesn't´t work the way they should after the latest update to 6.10.1 - at least on my Mac. These are the ones: Tone curve, hue/saturation/luminance and Detail Clicking doesn´t "pick up" the function...... Worked as...
  9. fullkoll

    SSD-disk kills imported images?

    I have always used card readers to import my pictures into LR, but after changing my hard drive to an SSD-disk in my MacMini - I´ve got problems..... A few seconds after the images appear in LR they get 4 horizontally "stripes" destroying every image. I have tested different cards with...
  10. fullkoll

    Taking RAW iPhone photos and transfer to Mac

    Hi, I have the perpetual licens of LR and I am happy with that and I have all the clouds I need: iCloud and Dropbox. The iOS 10 update makes it possible to take DNG photos with my humble, but very compact and capable iPhone SE and I tried it out with LR Mobile yesterday and it worked fine...
  11. fullkoll

    Rejected by mistake......

    I accidentally marked some photos as rejected - how can I put them back to normal?
  12. fullkoll

    How to save the import fold?

    I have for some reason lost my default import folder in LR6.6 so I have to click down thru a lot of folders to reach the folder I normally use, which is irritating to say the least. I have recently updated both my OSX and LR and knowingly not made any other changes in LR...... How do I save...
  13. fullkoll

    Import sorted on filename?

    Hi, I am a bit annoyed about the import sorting - it´s always sorting by "added order" and I have to change that to "filename" before starting working. Is there a way to solve this? /Kjell
  14. fullkoll

    Can you MOVE pictures importing from a memory card?

    The easiest way to empty a memory card using Olympus cameras, is to just delete the folder containing the pictures on the computer using the OS X finder (in my case om Mac) after import. When I put the card back into the camera after that, the pictures are gone and the card works fine without...
  15. fullkoll

    Problems synchronizing parent folder

    Hi all, I today discovered another problem with LR6/ 6.2.1 It is no longer possible to synchronise a parent folder and get all folders beneath synced - you have to do the sync on every folder...... :wub: Anybody else noticed that? I am on Mac/El Capitan 10.11 /Kjell
  16. fullkoll

    Mac crashed - could´t sign LR6 off! What to do?

    Hi all, I use LR6 on three Macs and since you can only use two at a time, I regularly sign out on one and in on another. Works fine since one of them is situated in another village - in my vacation house. My MacBook Air (witch I use on both locations) just crashed (with one of the two copies...
  17. fullkoll

    LR6 on several machines

    Hi, I have always used LR on all my 3 Macs without problems (iMac, MacMini and Macbook Air). I was at first a bit alarmed when I read that LR6 only could be used on 2 machines, but Victoria helped me out by telling me that I could log out on one and log in on another to avoid using more than...
  18. fullkoll

    Compact lossy DNG option in LR 4

    Has anyone tested it? From my m4/3 pictures it seems to produce 7-9 Mb files from my 16 mpix sensor instead of 14-15 and I have difficulties seeing the difference from normal DNG files. For storage reasons I am inclined to use the lossy version since I am not a professional and not likely to...
  19. fullkoll

    What Lightroom workflow do you use?

    I just bought George Jardine´s new tutorial about the Develop module in LR 4 and it is made in a very gentle and friendly way, but I am a bit puzzled by his workflow - or should I say lack of workflow, IMHO at least. "There are no rules - trust your eyes!" Well, hmmmm....... Other tutorials I...
  20. fullkoll

    Problems with graduated filter - no borders/lines

    Hi everyone, For the last couple of LR 3 updates I have had trouble using the graduated filter - I see the effects of it and it works as it is supposed to do - but I can´t see the borders/lines! Makes it very difficult to place the filter in the right place and adjust it!:mad2: Have I...
  21. fullkoll

    Size of DNG files?

    After changing to Sony´s NEX-3, I convert the Sony proprietary ARW files to DNG. Doing so in the past (on my Canons, Nikons) the DNG files have always been smaller than the original RAW files, but this time the DNG files are larger...... How come?
  22. fullkoll

    Where are my Canon S90 profiles?

    After installation of LR3.3 RC today something has happened to the processing of my S9' RAW-files.Before that I had 4-5 camera profile alternatives: Camera faithful, portrait, landscape..... and of course Adobe Standard. My old files now only shows Adobe Standard and the files I imported today...
  23. fullkoll

    Time stamp problems importing in LR3

    I have a strange problem when I import pics in LR3.I always change the file name with a template and stamp them with time taken - has always worked OK, but not in LR3. The file names are two hours wrong - 17.45.2' instead of the correct 15.45.2' to give an example. If I (when I have imported the...
  24. fullkoll

    Change language -same problem again!

    When I installed LR3Beta I got it in Swedish, but wanted English. Victoria solved that for me (and others), but that trick doesn´t seem to work with LR3. >:D How can I change the language to English in LR3 without changing every part of OSX to English? HELP!
  25. fullkoll

    Troble using Safari for Mac with Lightroom forums

    I have a strange (for me, anyway...) problem when I use Safari 4.'5 with Lightroom Forums. I can read everything, but I can´t answer or start new posts.... have to change to Firefox to do that. Wonder if it has anything do with my plug-ins (ClickToFlash, Adblock...) , but then I block the same...