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  1. Califdan


    Hal, I get this too from time to time and have never installed a game. I'm pretty sure this is an adobe LR "shadow" (is background or parallel) process but not sure what. It seems too happen most after long LR sessions that have accessed many images. Shutting LR down and re launching clears...
  2. Califdan

    Deleting raw files

    So, based on your comments, your are certain that the RAW file(s) that remain on disk after a "delete" from LR are indeed the specific files that the entries in the LR catalog was pointing to. In that case I'm left with an operating system culprit which is quite unlikely. As I understand it...
  3. Califdan

    Deleting raw files

    Assuming the RAW files are already on your hard drive when you do the import, you'll see all 4 options. Add = leaves the RAW files right where they are and adds the images to the catalog (creates an entry in the catalog pointing to the RAW file on disk) Move = First physically moves the image...
  4. Califdan

    Deleting raw files

    The problem may stem back to how you do your imports. For example, if you have shoot JPG+RAW and store them in different folders but only import the JPG's, deleting them from disk will not touch the RAW's as LR doesn't know about them. Maybe you are looking at the copies one can have LR...
  5. Califdan


    Johan is correct, that if they are exactly on top of each other you can only get the top one. The easy solution (that I use) is to move one of them slightly to reveal the bottom one. To answer Johan's comment about why one would need to do this, one common use of two overlapped pins is the...
  6. Califdan

    How to set up the Info data (I keystroke)

    Paul, I beg to differ with you or don't understand your comment. 1) if the last state using the I key was info-1, then subsequent images get info-1 (un-timed). and clicking "I" rotates to info- 2 and then to info-none 2) If the last state using the I key was info-2, subsequent images get...
  7. Califdan

    How to set up the Info data (I keystroke)

    In the Grid view, right click on any image in the grid and select "View Options" from the context menu that pops up. In the view Options dialog, click on the Loupe View tab. Now you can select what items show up on each of the 3 rows in view 1 and view 2. If you check the box under "Loupe...
  8. Califdan

    Library module Keyword display - sometimes single, sometimes with hierarchy?

    I suspect that you do indeed have more than one occurrence of "NYC". One of them is under the "USA" parent and the other(s) are under other parents. In the Keyword List panel, type "NYC" in the keyword filter and see what shows up.
  9. Califdan


    Forgot to add..... there are actually several other differences in the histogram panel between the Develop version and the Library version. In the Library version the only info you see under the chart are the exposure settings. However in the Develop version when your cursor is on an...
  10. Califdan


    Not a bug IMHO. Maybe an inconvenience but not a bug. The PV only has meaning when one makes adjustments to an image which is the domain of the Develop Module. So, the only place where one really needs to see the lightening bolt is when one is looking at develop module changes. Not...
  11. Califdan

    Library module Stacking dng+jpg

    Expand stack Click on the "2" of the JPG image and it will become image 1 of the stack. (assuming BTW that you are treating JPG & RAW as separate images during import)
  12. Califdan

    Library module Survey contents of stack

    Not directly. However, you can exploit the feature that Smart Collections are Stack Blind. Let's say you have selected a folder in the folders panel to work on today and that folder contains stacks of images. Create (or re-use) a Smart Collection that selects for that folder. If you are...
  13. Califdan


    Yes. But when you decide to edit a bunch, just select those and convert them. For example they all may be in the same folder for a trip or a month or in a collection. Just select them all and click the lightening bolt and then choose "all selected" or "all on film strip" (i forget the exact...
  14. Califdan


    Not sure your motivation to convert them all? if you are happy with the edits you did in the past using the PV that was current at that time then no need to update PV and possibly change the look of the image away from what you were happy with. On the other hand, if you go back to an...
  15. Califdan

    Panorama photo-merge clipping highlights severely despite original raw files having all highlight detail well within range

    I don't know if this is a factor, but as I understand, the Pano and HDR merge operations work off of the unedited (original) images (but with the current crop) no matter what adjustments had been made to those originals. I notice in your screen shot two that you've knocked down both the...
  16. Califdan

    Confused: converting from Lightroom CC to Lightroom classic

    Good catch on the file types that don't use separate XMP's and for doing the testing and coming up with a better solution.
  17. Califdan

    Confused: converting from Lightroom CC to Lightroom classic

    Jim, Great answer. Short of doing the experimentation myself, I wonder what you think of using both methods? 1st - do your option 1 which will preserve collections and result in all the Cloud images being in Folders on the destination machine but minus keywords, and location data. 2nd -...
  18. Califdan

    texture slider is not showing

    If you're on a rental version of LR, that photo may be using an old PV (Process Version). Look for a lightening bolt under the bottom right corner of the histogram in the develop module. If present, click it and upgrade that image (or a whole bunch) to a latest PV
  19. Califdan

    Delete all and start all over again

    If your processes are flawed or your understanding of what LR is doing is inaccurate, starting over again will not alleviate your problem as unless you change something, you'll just replicate the same problem again. While awaiting a screen shot or two, one main cause of similar complaints is...
  20. Califdan

    Importing Photos

    in Import dialog, use "Into One Folder" rather than "By Date". Then select the destination folder lower down that panel. If you want LR to create a new folder under whichever folder you select lower down, then check the "Into Subfolder" box and supply a name for the new folder.
  21. Califdan

    Sync Lightroom Classic and CC Sync Problems - Duplicate Files & Misorganisation

    Trying to figure out the thought process of the Adobe Marketing group's choices of names for things is an exercise in futility. How and why they come up with the names they do is mind boggling at best and just plain idiotic at worst and the instances are numerous. E.g. steal the name...
  22. Califdan

    New adjustment brush with same settings?

    After you select a targeted adjustment tool (Brush, Gradient, Radial), if you set slider positions prior to clicking in the image to set the pin, gradient line or radial oval, those settings (slider positions) become the new default settings for that tool. If you click in the image first to set...
  23. Califdan

    Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC on same laptop?

    Raise hell with your College IT department
  24. Califdan

    Suddenly confused by pricing plans

    I assume the 179.72 is Gb So, LR Classic thinks you have a 1tb Plan (of which you're using 180gb) but your plan page on thinks you have the 20 gb plan. The only other thing i can think of is to verify that your LR/Classic system is logged on with the same Adobe ID as the...
  25. Califdan

    Suddenly confused by pricing plans

    What version of LR Classic are you running? (look in Help -> system info menu). It could be that you actually already have the 1tb plan for $9.99 that does not include LR/Classic and that you are still running an older perpetual license version such as LR6. If that's not the case, can you...