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  1. Ferguson

    Has the Photography Plan changed? Did Classic just double in price?

    I was looking up something for someone, and found I can no longer find the (US) $10/mo photography plan to includes Classic. When I look at the "all plans" I see a "Lightroom CC Plan (1TB)" that is $10/mo with only CC, or a photography plan that includes CC + Classic and 1TB; there used to be a...
  2. Ferguson

    Shadow white balance techniques (deep shadows from sun)

    I am curious if people have a better solution to this problem than I have found. Often shooting sports in bright sun, portions of the athlete are in deep shadow, which distorts colors pretty badly, making skin tones look grey, and white uniforms blue. I thought to use Split Toning, but as you...
  3. Ferguson

    Test your catalogs (and backups) - How To

    Lightroom uses SQLite as its database, so your "catalog" is a big SQLite database. Lightroom will back that up, and test its integrity, and optimize all on its own. That's good. Do it. However, it is never wise to trust any one program, what follows is a very brief outline of how to test...
  4. Ferguson

    Import Import with one-off settings

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 7.1 So this is a minor but annoying issue... I do imports the same way -- same target folder (except once a year I go to a new one), same renaming preset, same presets applied for develop and metadata, etc...
  5. Ferguson

    Develop module Your presets and Versions - Reminder

    With Lightroom Classic they introduced a new process version. If you had develop presets you saved previously, those may have explicit version numbers in them. If they are applied on import no issue. If you edit and THEN apply them, you may have an issue. For example, if you use the new...
  6. Ferguson

    Caution: Do not just UPGRADE or it is a trial

    This came up in another forum, and I did not see it personally but it seemed reliably reported. Someone with Perpetual LR 6 may be prompted (not sure if you must "check for updates") to upgrade. People may be doing it to get the LR 6.13 update for Nikon D850. If you use that option it will...
  7. Ferguson

    Where is the Touch icon?

    Operating System: Windows 10x64 Lightroom Version: CC 2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: I remember some time ago the touch mode came out, and I tried it on a Surface (no longer available); I recall there being a touch icon to turn on touch mode, and we got different sized sliders...
  8. Ferguson

    Sync Keeping SETUP (only) in sync with oneDrive - Possible?

    Got a new laptop. This is about the fourth PC I've put lightroom on (and taken off). I do NOT want to synchronize photos. That's a different question. I use the laptop periodically to load images and edit on the road, and when I return I import that catalog to my desktop. Or sometimes I...
  9. Ferguson

    DNG - why one should keep your raw anyway

    I noticed this little tidbit in the latest release: Fixed issue where some images converted to DNG from the Hasselblad H6 contained a color cast. Often I see people converting RAW to DNG, and then getting rid of their raw, thinking DNG has everything in it that the raw did. This is just a...
  10. Ferguson

    Export Layered TIFF, flattend (OK), quality same as PS?

    I realize exporting a TIFF (say as JPG) flattens the image, but HOW does it do it? This has never mattered in the past, but getting some large prints made. Is it using the embedded (low quality?) JPG that is in the TIFF? Or is it flattening it as PS would, then exporting that? More to the...
  11. Ferguson

    Windows 10 Creator's Update

    As one data point, I just installed the Creator's Update on my Windows 10 x 64 system. It took about an hour (not timed, just at a guess), it ran without any attention on my part, and worked fine. Lightroom (CC 2015.10) starts and seems to run fine, and interacts as usual (including the...
  12. Ferguson

    Plugin, Republish, Need to do nothing while doing something

    Ok, this is a bit convoluted, but here goes... I use the Smugmug Lightroom plugin and generally love it. There is one aspect however which is driving me crazy. The combination of Lightroom and the plugin together work hard to only send the image if the image has changed. In fact, if you...
  13. Ferguson

    Bug in new Photoshop (2017.1.0)

    I don't use Photoshop much, but since the latest update it is driving me nuts. About every minute or so, I get this error: "Cannot ... because of a program error". The thing involved varies all over the place, right now it is saying "Cannot use move tool because of a program error". After...
  14. Ferguson

    Active-D Lighting, Nikon, Affect on Raw

    A discussion started in another thread (here), and rather than further polluting that thread I thought I would start a new one. The question for me is whether ADL has any impact on the actual raw data other than reducing the auto-exposure. I set up a high contrast subject, and shot it twice...
  15. Ferguson

    Finding an image by example (reverse search, not using metadata)

    Infrequently, but often enough to be annoying, I get a request that goes like this: "Can I get a larger version of this shot". Typically they "think" it was taken sometime last winter, but are not sure. usually it's been cropped or otherwise changed, and of course it never has any embedded...
  16. Ferguson

    Convert to DNG leaves raw behind?

    I do not convert to DNG normally, but was doing so as part of answering a question for someone, and noticed something I thought odd. Let's say I start with file A.nef and convert to DNG. I had A.nef, A.xmp on disk, and A.nef shown in the library. Convert. Now I have A.dng shown in the...
  17. Ferguson

    Cloud Backup Software

    I have been spending quite a bit of time over recent weeks looking into my cloud backups, and want to see if there are any out there I may have missed that might meet my goals. First, a caveat - I want software that can back up to multiple providers, NOT software provided by the vendor of the...
  18. Ferguson

    Motherboard suggestions

    I think it's time for a new computer. I'm thinking I7-6770k based (L1151) and Z170 chipset, and still undecided if I'll spring for all SSD or keep a few rotating large drives, but also definitely at least one M.2 card and SSD for work/scratch/etc. So... most of the choices are fairly easy, or...
  19. Ferguson

    GPU Change, GT640 to GTX970

    So I decided to invest $300 in trying to make Lightroom run faster, and upgraded my quiet old video card to a relatively modern one (there's a new "10" version but they don't have dual DVI ports so I got the 970 instead of 1060). That's about 10 times the cuda cores, hugely more bandwidth. I...
  20. Ferguson

    2015.6 breaks publishing checks

    See discussion and notes from Smugmug developer near end: LR Plugin / LR CC issue during sync - Digital Grin Photography Forum They recommend rolling back to the prior version. This is specific to both the Smugmug Plug and Mac, so only if you have and use both does this matter.
  21. Ferguson

    2015.6 bug - lens profile sometimes wrong (nikon 14-24 only?)

    I had this happen on the first use of LR after the upgrade, but was not sure of the circumstances. I am still not 100% sure, but it is easily reproducible. So far this has happened only for a 14-24mm Nikon lens. I do not know why that lens, but the issue is that some (but not all) photos do...
  22. Ferguson

    Why is it Lightroom 2015.x?

    So the first couple of times in 2015 when they released an update I assumed it was because the update name started in 2015. The latest releases seem like they must have begun in 2016. Why is Adobe still calling it 2015.x? Is there a plan that 2016.x will denote a major release? Will there...
  23. Ferguson

    New LR version is out which supports Nikon D500/D5

    Lightroom CC 2015.5 now available This is going to be a really nice thing if Adobe is actually ahead of the camera release this time. I'm a bit terrified to install after recent new version issues, but... about 10 days before D5 release, so everyone else go test it and tell me if it's safe. :)
  24. Ferguson

    LRValidate - Validate image data from Lightroom Catalog

    Over in another thread (here) we got into a discussion about a program I built some time ago. I feel we are hijacking that thread somewhat (even though it is on point somewhat also), so I would like to move the discussion here, if indeed there is followup discussion. First, a bit of...
  25. Ferguson

    LR Transporter question - unique identifications

    I was thinking of using this program to mass change some fields. I've never paid attention much to file names since I have files in folders, and so I might have duplicate file names normally. In addition, the file name of a virtual copy is the same as the original. When using LR Transporter...