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  1. Califdan

    HEIC arrive as JPG

    Hi, I am not an Apple person and don't own an iPhone or Mac computer so my usual approach when one of my clients has a problem I haven't seen before is to experiment till I figure it out. But, lacking the requisite device a am hoping this forum can help. My client is running LR Classic 8.3...
  2. Califdan

    Publish Services Modified Photos to Re-publish management aid?

    Hi, I am a heavy user of Publish Services with several hundred Publish Service Collections (none are of the "smart" type). In almost all situations, any particular image may appear in a dozen or more of these Publish Service Collections. Although some Publish Service Plugin's have some...
  3. Califdan

    Publish Services Publish Service defunct (where to complain)

    Hi all, I use several Publish Services (PS) - several from jfriedl but also some provided by the destination site. I use these to manage my images on various web sites including Image Rights, Facebook (business page), Flickr, Zenfolio (my personal web site), Instagram, and 500px. Earlier...
  4. Califdan

    Pixel Values?

    In LR CC Desktop, web, or mobile; is there a place where we can see the pixel values (R, G, & B values) for the pixel where the mouse pointer is in the image? What I'm looking for are the numbers that show up under the histogram in the Develop Module in LR Classic.
  5. Califdan

    Warning the LR5 won't run on next Mac OS?

    Hi, I'm not a Mac person, but one of my clients who is running LR5 got this message when she open LR recently. "This software will not work with future versions of macOS and needs to be updated to improve compatibility. Contact the developer for more information." So, not being a Mac person...
  6. Califdan

    splitting new CC and Classic - a question

    Operating System: Not system dependent Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Question not version dependent I have a large LR7 Classic catalog (> 80,000 images occupying > 3tb image storage) which is where I do my LR work. Within this catalog I have a couple of dozen collections...
  7. Califdan

    file system for Ext HD shared between Mac and PC

    Hi, I have a client who needs to access his catalog from both Mac's and PC's. One is a desktop and one is a laptop that he uses in the house (WiFi LAN) and on the road. On a daily basis while at the house he may go back and forth between the two multiple times which precludes copying the...
  8. Califdan

    referencing Publish Service Collection Set in Smart Collection

    Hi, I am creating a Smart Collection where one of the rules I need is to select images that are in a "Publish Service Collection Set". In this case I'm using the Zenfolio Publish Service from J Friedl. This publish service shows my Zenfolio hierarchy of groups and galleries as a hierarchy in...
  9. Califdan

    How to remove old Publish services

    Due to issues in the past I had to re-add several of my LR Publish Service Plug-in's. My old ones are in a "disabled" status but when I highlight one of them (see screen shot) the "remove" button gets gray'ed out and can't be pressed. Any idea why I can't get rid of these and how to fix it...