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    New iMac

    I know there is a blog about how to move LR, etc over. I'm not concerned about that. I'm getting close to a new iMac and considering doing a clean install. I'll just download LR and all the other apps on the new machine followng the instructions. The only thing I'd like to migrate is the...
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    New CC App layout

    Just updated and I like it. The old app had LR Classic was at the bottom of the barrel and now it is in the top again. I'm sure it meant nothing but it just seems to make me feel better.
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    Catalina and PS bug

    In camera RAW the radial filter's inside option doesn't work. It only adjusts the outside.
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    LR6 no longer available at B&H photo

    I guess that is about it. I don't think you can get it anywhere else.
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    Determing 64 and 32 bit apps on a Mac

    Apple icon - about this Mac - system report - applications. Can you filter that to only see 32 bit apps?
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    LR6 and Catalina

    Can anyone confirm it works.
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    Did I change something on this site?

    I use Firefox. The last few days the font size has become huge. Image 1. All other sites are the normal size. I tried Safari and the font's, etc are normal. Image 2. A few days ago the screen looked like image 2 when using Firefox. I have looked all over this site but I can't find anything.
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    Next Mac OS will be called Catalina

    and will be the end of iTunes.
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    Not a big fan of 3D at the theater

    It is visually interesting but it is always darker and colours are muted. With all this incredible tech these I don't know why they can't adjust for it. We try and avoid it if we can. Maybe people who develop images notice it more.
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    Downloading perpetual LR/PS versions

    Adobe made some other changes the other day. At one time this link wold show older perpetual versions for download. This seems CC specific now. I looked all over their site but it isn't the easiest to work with. I have an LR6 license and if I needed to download it again where could I find it...
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    New Plug-in by Jeffrey Friedl

    He always has good stuff. Still beta but looks pretty interesting. Jeffrey's "Photoshop Layers" Lightroom Plugin
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    Another Adobe price increase thread

    Fake or real ? This is flying around cyberspace. The US site is showing the Photo Plan at $19.99 for one TB of storage. If you select LR only it is $9.99. It does not say if it is LR CC or LR Classic. US Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud Canada and Mexico...
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    There is very little info on this, just what I found in forums. When I did find an explanation my first question at this site was to verify it. The Detail slider in the Detail window. 0-50 is halo suppression and 50-100 is deconvolution but you lose halo suppression. I came across this the other...
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    Lag viewing presets

    I normally disable presets until I need them. Had a gig last week and enabled them. As I scrolled through to see the changes the lag was pretty bad. With version 7 it was instant. It was irritating but didn't think much about it until I read about it on another site. Is this a known bug? Same...
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    Phishing attempt masquerading as Apple

    Got an email telling me I purchased games. I checked the source. The email came from the UK and didn't have have the name Apple in it. Checked my Visa, Apple, iTunes, App store nothing ordered. I contacted Apple and they set up a screen share. As soon as the share went live the email...
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    PS updated to 20.0.1 today

    Fixed issues in Adobe Photoshop CC
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    Just got the 20GB plan for $99

    My annual renewal date was the 29th. Got an offer to pay before the 23rd and get 2 months free. I'm taking the wife to McDonald's to celebrate.
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    Topaz Studio update

    AI Clear was also updated. Much faster which makes it more usable now. I'm impressed. It's going to replace DXO PL for those special jobs - for now. It retains LR edits and does not create a Collection Set back in LR. Topaz Studio update: NEW AI CLEAR version >3X faster – Plugs 'N Pixels
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    Collections and Portfolio

    Syncing was suggested to me on another thread so I'm investigating it. I have searched and can't find the answer. I found the basic instructions but have not tried it to see if there are other steps along the way. If I'm sending files directly to Portfolio what happens to them? These are CR2...
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    Curious about Version 2

    As I understood Version 1 pushed files to the cloud. I came across this about version 2. "You can also optionally store your photos on a local drive; the cloud isn’t the only repository, but it acts as the master record" Do files have to be in the cloud first to store locally or can you just...
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    New PS 2019

    In Victoria's blog it says process version 5 will improve Dehaze and purple noise. When I imported a RAW file the intro dialogue box said high ISO.
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    I just read LR8 is out

    I see an update but haven't installed it.
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    Regarding Victoria's Blog

    If you cancel your CC subscription, you'll lose all your work... or will you? | The Lightroom Queen I decided to check Adobe's site since reading about some people having finding the 20GB photo plan for $9.99 and a came across this. Looks like it says last published on Set 4, 2018. Click on...
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    I'm kinda of torn with Mojave

    My iMac is a year too old for the update. I was planning on getting a new one next year so I'm not in a big hurry. As long as I get security updates. My laptop is 3 years old. I like it keep both systems identical but I guess day to day software usage and desktop layouts won't matter. Not sure...
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    Mac OS to go Mojave

    There was a recent thread about age of machines, OS, software, etc. Well Apple retied my 7 year old iMac. Articles say High Sierra will get security updates through the summer of 2020. I was planning on getting a replacement next year. Not sure if I will update my laptop. I want both to be...