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  1. clee01l

    The Grand Experiment

    I have now turned off Photos in iClous and turned off Lightroom Backup in iCloud. With both off, I can manage to get along with the 50GB of iCloud storage that I pay for (backup of 3 devices and most of my active data and documents. Do you know if Adobe plans to offer metadata presets for...
  2. clee01l

    Renaming my harddisk and maintaining link to LR catalog?

    The Volume “2R4_Data” has a gray indicator that means it is not mounted. You need to right click on any of the top level folders shown in the Folder panel as missing andd use the option to reconnect in the drop down menu then navigate to the Volume now called “Photos” and match it with the...
  3. clee01l

    Why no camera matching profiles with ALL supported cameras?

    P&S camera with a fixed lens usually include the lens profile built in The latest versions of LRClassic take advantage of that.
  4. clee01l

    Smaller .Tiff Files?

    You can instruct PS as to what kind to TIFF to save. You will want 16bit Compressed.. Each layer may multiply the number of pixels by the number of layers so size can accumulate exponentially. Lightroom does not export a layered file so you can flatten all of the PS layers into one and the...
  5. clee01l

    The Grand Experiment

    I leave tomorrow for my first big trip sans MBP. I will report my conclusions when I return. Based upon the testing I've done at home. my workflow is sound and may be even More efficient that using Lightroom Classic alone. Help me if I have missed something. Color labels don't seem to be...
  6. clee01l

    Renaming my harddisk and maintaining link to LR catalog?

    In your folder panel there is a Volume listing If Volume '2R4_Data'. Is renamed "Photos" the folders that were pathed in LR as being on '2R4_Data' are now marked as missing. Relinking the top most folder to "Photos" will put LR back on the right track.
  7. clee01l

    Re-install Lr6.0

    LR Classic 8.4.x is the subscription successor to LR 6.14. The Link that Victoria supplied has a direct link to version 6.x. This is the one that you want to retain your perpetual license. Lightroom 2.4.1 is the cloud based version of Lightroom available as a subscription only. Lightroom...
  8. clee01l

    Lightroom classic app on boot volume

    MacOS (and windows to the same extent) have sandboxed apps to the Application folder which is a special system folder The apps themselves expect system files to be availailable in System folders that are relative to the application executable. You can locate it elsewhere but you need to...
  9. clee01l

    Laptop advice please

    Lightroom (Formerly Lightroom CC) is the mobile app that runs on mobile platforms like iOS, iPadOS and Android. While it is cloud based and you will (eventually) need an internment connection to get the work done in the iPad Pro to a Lightroom Classic catalog file that only runs on the PC/Mac...
  10. clee01l

    Catalog backup not working since Windows update

    Silly question (I Know) but have you rebooted the OS since the update? Rebooting will clear any detritus that may be resident in the working storage (free space) A reboot can't hurt. BTW, the important free space is on C:\ where the Windows update created a bunch of temporary file and...
  11. clee01l

    Reverse sort in folder area

    Adobe does not intend the user to attempt to organize by folders due to the limitations of the file systems. Collections (as mentioned earlier) is the flexible organizational tool developed by Adobe for managing your image assets. If folders met the needs for image organization, we would...
  12. clee01l

    Can I use Google Drive to backup my catalog and images?

    Google Drive is a cloud storage location. Google Backup & Sync app. Is a back up service that maps local file to a copy stored on the cloud. So, yes. You images and catalog file and any other folder that you designate to the Backup & Sync app should be available to be restored from Google drive
  13. clee01l


    The process version invokes different adjustment sliders. All of the settings in an old process version are replaced with new sliders (that need their own adjustment when you change Process version. You simply can not change the process version without re editing the image to the new PV...
  14. clee01l

    Lightroom Classic not starting up!

    The ".lock" file only is present when Lightroom is running or was stopped suddenly. The full file name share the catalog name but with an extension of ".lock". It is located in the same folder where the catalog file "{your catalog name}.lrcat" is located
  15. clee01l

    Reverse sort in folder area

    My suggestion is to hide the folder panel and use collections. These can be named in a hierarchical fashion and sorted alpha numerically. If you begin each Collection, Collection Set with a number, you will sort based upon the priority of the collection. A Smart Collection based upon say...
  16. clee01l


    The current process version is always used as a default in the Develop module. Images developed in older versions of LR will retain the process version used when that image was last developed. You can change the process version to use an older or newer process version. The process version...
  17. clee01l

    Lightroom Classic Cloud Download Link?

    You need to install and run the Adobe Creativer CLoud App manager. It can then install all of the licensed apps in your subscription. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. clee01l

    Laptop advice please

    I am doing all of the above. I have a 512GB iPadPro (the same storage that I have with my MBP). I bought a USB-C iDisk that has 1TB of storage as well as 1000mAh as a battery to backup and charge the iPadPro, iPhone and anything else that might need a battery top off. For my Camera I use a...
  19. clee01l

    Impossible to upload directly into Classic?

    I think the problem lies with how Apple is managing the iPhone/iPad. You should be about to connect the iDevice to the Mac with the Lightning/USB cable and let the iPhone appear as another removable device like a camera card of disk drive. Once recognized as such, you should then be able to...
  20. clee01l

    Laptop advice please

    I am in the process of replacing my travel Laptop (MBP) with an iPadPro running the mobile version of Lightroom. It does not replace the desktop (the laptop never did, not enough “oomph”). I’ve traveled with a 13” rMBP for years and this 13” iPadPro overs me what I need for mobile Lightroom use...
  21. clee01l

    LR constantly crashing (on mac)

    I'm glad you have ID's the failing drive. I hope everything important is backed up. I usually Follow Apples release dates and up date immediately. I have not had problem But for others I'd recommend waiting for the decimal 1 release. Mojave is already at 10.14.6 and certainly mature enough...
  22. clee01l

    LR constantly crashing (on mac)

    How about disconnecting the EHD (and one by one any other connected devices) and report back. Victoria is suggesting a hardware issue and I am inclined to agree. Why have you not upgraded to Mojave?
  23. clee01l

    LR constantly crashing (on mac)

    A Couple of questions: Are you using the GPU for acceleration? Does it meet Adobe's requirements.? Are you running the Latest Classic v8.4? Something to try: Disconnect the EHD and see if the problem in Develop Module goes away?
  24. clee01l

    Confused: converting from Lightroom CC to Lightroom classic

    All of the information collected on images in the Cloudy version of Lightroom is stored in the cloud. The Lightroom Classic uses a local catalog file to store all of the information collected on images. Once you have Lightroom Classic installed, all you should need to do is create a new...
  25. clee01l

    Delete all and start all over again

    While this is true, and I don't have any first hand knowledge, the migration of Lightroom to another photo processing app, has been describes as less than ideal and almost always utilizes the Lightroom catalog (*.lrcat file) rather than XMP.