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    print setting button missing

    Hello all! I am a power user of Lightroom, and have it connected to my Epson Pro 1000 printer. I can print just fine from Photoshop, but do not have the print setting buttons showing in LR anywhere. Help? .
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    capturing photos in mobile app

    Hello All: I can't get the camera to work in the mobile app. When I hit the icon, it asks for access to the camera roll and won't do anything else. Help? Alison
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    When traveling bugs show up

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Mac sierra 10.12.6, Lightroom CC. This is not the first time I've had issues with lightroom CC when traveling. I keep the catalog and the images on a portable hard drive, and when on shoots without internet connection bad...
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    Smart preview catalogs

    Hi: I need to work in two locations on my 66,000 images. I created smart previews, exported them as a catalog, changed tons and tons of keywords around in the "smart catalog" at home, then imported as a catalog back into the Master catalog at work. The keyword changes did not take hold; chaos...
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    exporting titles with proper punctuation

    HI; I want to export photos with the titles I entered in Lightroom, but each word has an underscore between them after export. Is there a way to use proper punctuation on export? thanks Alison
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    backward compatability question

    My home computer has Creative Cloud but my work machine has Lightroom 5.6. Can I still work on the 5.6 on my home machine, or if i work with Creative Cloud will it be backwards compatible when I return to my office machine?
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    resetting large groups back to "as shot"

    Hi- I work with designers who want to see images full frame, as shot- in other words take away every improvement the photographer put on the image and revert to the absolute original. How do I do that? I tried 'reset' but I want to do large groups (say a whole smart preview catalog) and that...
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    exporting smart previews

    Hello! I created two different 'smart preview catalogs' and opened them on other machines. In one catalog I was able to export the smart preview , but not from the other catalog. Any ideas? Did I miss a setting, or a button somewhere? Thanks! A
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    Publishing problems

    Hi: I'm trying to upload images to Smug Mug through the plug in, and the task gets cancelled almost immediately. I checked LR preferences, catalog settings, and all the various Publishing Manager settings as well. I closed and reopened LR, and removed and reloaded the current Smug Mug plug in...
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    Very Weird Backup problem

    Hi- I went to back up my LR 5, and it repeatedly said there was not enough room on my desktop, or the server I also tried --- both have plenty of room for the backup! So I closed it anyway, and when I went to re-open with "open recent" the catalog I'd been working on was not listed! I had to go...
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    Saving metadata to file

    HI all: I've been having problems with metadata properly transferring through my LR system to Bridge and and to an on line photo hosting service. I store the images on a server, but keep the catalog locally on my machine. I started doing the redundant 'save metadata to files' function hoping...
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    Lightroom and Bridge

    Hi- I have a specific need for the metadata in my images to be the exact same across software viewers. I start in by uploading into Lightroom, but often look at the images in Bridge, and in the Smug Mug site attached using the plug in. Often the metadata is different; especially with Smug Mug...
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    changing file names

    Hi: I've asked this question before and not gotten an answer (unless I missed something!!). I give all my photos file names : custom text_YYMMDD_custom text_sequence #. Now I need to change only one field of many, many images… how can I do that? For instance, change from...
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    exporting titles

    Hi- I want to export my images with titles, but when I do there are lots of extra spaces added, which looks unprofessional. Help? Alison
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    Lightroom and Bridge not seeing the same metadata

    Hello; I work with a group of people, who share images. I upload, edit, process, rename, keyword etc. in Lightroom, and store the images on a shared server. Another co-worker goes directly to the images using Bridge CS6, and does not see the same corrected metadata on the images as I do. Adobe...
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    adding metadata outside lightroom

    Hi- My clients want to add titles to the photos, directly to the file in its storage location, using Bridge/PS. How can I get Lightroom to see the changes?
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    importing metadata,

    Hello; I would like to make an empty clone of my catalog to give a co-worker. I would like it to have all my basic metadata included; the keywords as well as the photographers presets in the EXIF and IPTC area. Is that possible? Also, can we import keywords from an excel spreadsheet? My...
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    separating out Low res images

    Hi- I'm building a library from many different photographers and cameras. Is there a way to separate out the low res images from the rest? A
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    keywords not nesting

    Hi; When I add a new photo, and keyword it, why does it not nest the keyword into the larger keyword structure I previously created? For instance I have bird<Fauna. But when I upload juts bird, it stands alone and I have to go move it to Fauna manually. Help? A
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    sort by the scary ! icon

    I want to find all the images in my library that have the scary ! - meaning LR can't find them. How do I do that? A
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    renaming files

    Hi all; I rename my files with location_date_photographers initials_sequence number. Once they're in my library, I don' t want the file names to change but sometimes I find a batch error in only one field- say photographers initials. How can I rename them and ONLY change the one part? Thanks...
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    titles vs captions vs file names

    Hello All; I have a file naming convention thats essential to my image library. My clients want titles, not the file names. When I export images I can add a title and export only that, but the original file name doesn't seem to go with it in the metadata, making it hard for me to...
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    output to CMYK

    Hello all: My main client wants me to export groups of photos into the CMYK color space. Is there a way to do this inside LR? thanks Alison
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    smart previews

    I would like to use the smart previews so my clients can access the catalog and see the images, gather the file name and request it from me. Can we do that by using the smart previews, placing the smart preview catalog on a network, they download the SPCat on their machine and look? Do they need...
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    Output to a private website

    I've been working with Smug Mug/Lightroom for months now, and need an alternative solution. I want a password protected website that I can add and change images and metadata to constantly- making additions and corrections all the time. It needs to be extremely simple to use, keyword and metadata...