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  1. Paul McFarlane


    Hi Geoffrey Welcome to the Forums! If the images are in a different location then you'll have to tell LR where they are. But Collections will remain intact and there once LR knows where the images are.
  2. Paul McFarlane

    Taking photos from LR To PS

    Hi It's difficult to picture what you're meaning - like when you're actually then in PS? Could you post a screenshot please?
  3. Paul McFarlane

    Greyed out folders showing 0 photos

    Hi Nadine Grayed out and zero count on a folder usually means there have been photos in Lightroom and in the folder but there aren't now. Are there photos in those folders shown in Explorer and have they been in LR? Another cause of gray folders is if the drive with the folder on is off-line...
  4. Paul McFarlane

    Messy presets situation in Classic?

    Correct, LR organizes the way it wants to (but be sure to back them all up!) What sort of presets are you not finding? If you open Develop, then Presets in the left hand pane, find one you can't find in the locations mentioned, then right-click one option is to show in Finder / Explorer - this...
  5. Paul McFarlane

    Messy presets situation in Classic?

    Hi Tom The ones stored next to the catalog are where at some point (perhaps now still) you ticked to store presets with the catalog. If that's ticked then it copies them to that location (and uses them for the catalog that it's ticked against) The other two locations are correct - main one is...
  6. Paul McFarlane


    Collections are basically a series of links to various photos and are held in the catalog so yes. But not the photos in the collection (or any in face in Lightroom), they have to be backed up separately. I appreciate you probably know that but include the comment for the benefit of others...
  7. Paul McFarlane

    Amazon Prime Storage Problem

    Hi The Adobe Cloud isn't designed or intended as a backup system for photos for Classic, it's tied to the cloud version which is used by many instead of Classic (so local storage not needed as all photos are in the cloud, usually with a 1Tb store) You can indeed sync to Classic via the cloud...
  8. Paul McFarlane

    new MacBook Pro with Mojave crashing

    It sounds more hardware - did you try running the hardware tests?
  9. Paul McFarlane

    require Lr5 Disc two

    We're pleased you're all sorted!
  10. Paul McFarlane

    require Lr5 Disc two

    Hi Ian Downloads for LR5 and earlier are no longer available from Adobe (saves looking there) If you manage to get the media, then as long as you have the license key (or registered it with Adobe) you can install on a fresh PC.
  11. Paul McFarlane

    Will I ever make it? Processing older collections blues...

    Excellent! Like previous comments, I tend to break tasks like this down by date so it's smaller chunks to work through. Very satisfying as you see progress!!!
  12. Paul McFarlane

    texture slider is not showing

    Hi and welcome to the Forums! It sounds like you're on an older version of Classic (and if your '2015.14' is correct then that is an old version) To be sure, can you check for us? Are you actually on a subscription version...
  13. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom 6.14 on Mac OS future versions

    Yes. Assuming you have the license for LR6 or registered it with Adobe. But should you then install Catalina and then need to re-install LR6 you can't.
  14. Paul McFarlane

    Texture vs Clarity vs Sharpening

    Each affect different sized details on the photo. Sharpening affects the smallest, Texture enhances mid-sized and Clarity larger details - which then affects contrast more dramatically.
  15. Paul McFarlane

    smart previews not loading (loading originals instead)

    Have you build Standard Previews also? They are the ones used (to my knowledge) when running through Library, Smart Previews in Develop.
  16. Paul McFarlane

    How NOT to export parent Keywords

    Hi and welcome to the Forums! On the parent keyword (Places) if you right-click and edit keyword, you can untick the include on Export.
  17. Paul McFarlane

    Macbook Pro and LR 5-Unable to access photos on computer hard drive

    Here's a link to the help document on the Forums to take screenshots (that will help us - perhaps also a screenshot from the folder in Explorer / Finder showing the files(s) and type too)
  18. Paul McFarlane

    Delete all and start all over again

    Hi Nadine First, welcome! Second, don't delete anything!!! Can you show us a screenshot please? When you say it shows zero, do you mean in the folder panel on the left? Try setting Library - Show Photos in Subfolders if it is?
  19. Paul McFarlane

    Selecting multiple contiguous images in grid view......

    That's why I just go for the .../Select method, direct on the Grid I find just too hit and miss for me!
  20. Paul McFarlane

    How to work with old LR6 on new computer after migration

    Hi Did you actually install LR6 or copy from the previous computer? I would suggest it needs to be installed by downloading LR6 from Adobe here then registering it with the original License key (if you don't have the key, then as long as you registered it initially Adobe Support will assist)
  21. Paul McFarlane

    Travel Workflow advice

    Welcome to the forums, Pathy! If it works for you, then that's good. You do lose some things doing it your way, some of which probably don't matter to you if the workflow works for oyu. For example, Collections, Stacking. The one thing that would bother me is losing the History, but again, if...
  22. Paul McFarlane

    Selecting multiple contiguous images in grid view......

    It's a fiddle. Quickest way I find it hit the ... (top right), Select, then you can glide your finger easily selecting sequentially.
  23. Paul McFarlane

    Photos linked to wrong hard drive

    Ah! Just try (high level) right-click and update folder location - does that work?
  24. Paul McFarlane

    Photos linked to wrong hard drive

    Hi You should fine the blog below helpful. Aim to update the folder location at the highest point possible (then all the folders under are sorted at the same time):