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    Looking for Collections Presets I used to have but can't find

    Hi All Long'ish story, but I used to have a superb set of 'Smart Collection' presets that I downloaded from somewhere. They were a fantastic asset to my workflow but I can't seem to locate the download anywhere. New Mac, lost old config etc amongst other things is the reason I no longer have...
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    Moving my Lightroom catalog to a new 2nd internal HDD

    Hi All Now... I appreciate that as a keen and long term Lightroom user I should really know how to do this, but nonetheless I wanted to get expert opinion and advice just in case I get something wrong. I simply want to move my current 20GB Lightroom 4 catalog, which resides on my MacbookPro...
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    Amending camera name in meta? Possible or not?

    Hi Everyone I have a strange issue in that when I view my Metadata filters in the Library module, I see some very strange Camera names used. These, I believe, are tiff images that have been processed by launching PhotomatixPro from within Lightroom. I don't understand why the camera metadata...
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    Obtaining EXIF / Metadata from LR to analyse in other apps such as Excel etc

    Hello Everyone I am curious as to if there is a plug-in or similar Lightroom goodie that would allow me to export or obtain the metadata within my catalogue such that I could then use that and analyse it in another app such as Excel etc. Is there a plug-in or feature available that I could use...
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    Challenging Smart Collection criteria... anyone clever enough for this one?

    Hi All I bet I am missing something pretty straightforwad here, but I can't figure this one out. I am after building a smart collection inside my workflow collection folders that simply contains all the images from my last import. I appreciate there's a system type collection/folder within...
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    Smart Collection: criteria for selecting virtual copies (or not) as the case may be?

    Hi All Can someone please advise me as to what the criteria are (is) for selecting virtual copies (and the inverse i.e. NOT virtual copies) please? Many thanks John
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    Suggestions as to workflow for HDR brackets etc

    Hi All I am making extensive use now of Smart Collections in my workflow, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how best to manage the HDR process workflow please. My shoots often contain a mixture of 5 shot brackets and single images, so I can't really use a keyword or...
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    Smart Collection - filter for 'Title' can't get to work!!!

    Hi All I am making quite extensive use of the Smart Collection functions in LR4, but I am having a mare of a time trying to get a particular Smart Collection criteria working, wonder if I can enlist someones expert help please. I am trying to show images in a Smart Collection that (1) are in...
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    Possible bug: need confirmation from fellow users

    Hi All I wonder if someone could try something out for me please to ascertain if I have discovered a bug in LR4.0 for Mac. It is to do with 'Solo' mode in the Library module, though I am not sure if it is a bug, or if this is designed to happen. When viewing images in a 'Published...
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    Auto Moving images back from desktop to folder structure

    Hi All I am sure the answer to this is staring me right in the face - but I wanted to check in here with the experts before so doing. I have around 50 or so images in a folder on my desktop that I used for a presentation at a camera club a little while ago. Now, I know I ought to have simply...
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    Removing old and unused plug-ins: I can't!!

    Hi All I seem to have an issue with not being able to remove references in the Plug-in Manager to old and unused plug-ins. See screenshot: How do I remove these unwanted entries please as the 'remove' button is greyed out. Thanks
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    Can I upgrade to LR4 and keep LR3.5...?

    Hi All I am currently using LR3.5 and am considering an upgrade to LR4. Can I still use LR3.5 if I do the upgrade or will I lose 3.5 ? Thanks
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    Restoring images to my default location / folder srtucture... can I do it this way...

    Hi All I have moved a selection of images from their respective locations - on external HDD's etc - for a presentation/demonstration on Lightroom I gave recently (I wanted specific images to be available for processing etc - as well as the overall catalogue including previews of images stored...
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    Copying the files in a collection to my local drive

    Hi All I have a collection, comprising files physically stored on several USB and firewire drives. I wish to make a copy of these files on my internal drive as I need to use them for a demo when the USB/firewire drives will not be connected to my Mac. Is there a way to copy each of the files...
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    Managing a PhotoMarathon - preset to auto import... thoughts...?

    Hi All Thought I should ask some experts here for their opinion on how they think the best way to manage this would be. I am organising a PhotoMarathon here in my home town of Newport, South Wales - which is, in fact, being held tomorrow. So... for those who may not know what a PhotoMarathon...
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    Jeffrey's site down... or is it me?

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble accessing Jeffreys www site...? I have just signed up to Google+ and wanted to install his Picasa plug in, but am unable to get to the site. Is it still there or has Jeffrey pulled the plug? Any news? John
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    Strange issue in LR3.4 with Spotlight on Mac

    Hi All I have recently been running many presentations and demos of Lightroom for camera clubs etc, as well as putting together some screencasts for www site users and I have stumbled across a strange issue. When using 'full' [F] page view on my Macbook pro, I am not able to click and activate...
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    Any AppleScript experts on here...? Backing up images when using LR

    Hi All Not sure if I am missing a trick here, but wanted to run something past all the experts on here. I use LR3, and regularly back-up - but I know this only backs-up the data files and not any of the images. So, I use TimeMachine on my Mac to regularly back up the contents of my drive, as...
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    Develop presets: how to send to someone?

    Hi All I just can't seem to remember how to get a bunch of my own develop presets I have (IR ones) sent across to a friend. Can someone remind me please. Thanks
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    Maybe there's an unknown key combination for this...?

    Hello All Is there a keyboard shortcut that allows you to select under the grid, the filter panel with say all 'Picks' shown? I know how to 'Pick' an image or how to mark an image with a colour/descriptor label, but how do I - using the keyboard only - select the filter panel and then only the...
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    Is there a preferred order for running through LR edits/functions

    Hi All While reading through a few threads and posts on here this evening, I spotted one where Victoria pointed out that one should use he spot healing tool to correct any dust bunnies or spots that need healing before one carries out any lens corrections. I can understand the rationale for...
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    Is there a search for images that have had B&W conversions...?

    Hello everyone I am wondering if there is a search method whereby I can determine which of my images have been converted to black and white using Lightroom...? Rather stupidly, I haven't tagged any images I have converted with a specific keyword and so identifying all of my B&W conversions is...
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    Not sure if this is a bug or intentional...?

    Hi All Spotted an unusual issue with LR3 yesterday but upon reflection, I am not sure if this is an issue or if it is intentional. I had a landscape that I wanted to add a graduated filter to thus reducing the exposure and brightness slightly on the sky, and also to add a touch of colour tint...
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    Lightroom; EXIF and Photomatix Pro

    Hi All Here's another interesting issue I'd appreciate some expert opinion on. I regularly take HDR photos, sometimes I apply the HDR using a single image, other times I use several images. I use Photopatix Pro for my HDR processing. However, when I create an HDR image, when the image is...
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    Removing image files (non pictures) from catalogue

    Hi All Here's an interesting one I haven't come across previously. I did a talk on LR at a local camera club yesterday, and those there were thrilled with what LR can do for them, and I am sure many will subsequently purchase LR3 etc. One person has already contacted me after downloading the...