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    Upgrade from LR 5.7.1 to LR6.5

    I purchased a new camera and need to upgrade from standalone LR 5.7.1 to LR6.5. Can I do this in one step or is there an intermediate step required? FYI - I am still running Mac OS 10.7.5 so I can continue to use Photoshop CS4. Thanks!
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    LR automatically creating dated folders

    I recently bought a Nikon D750 and now LR 5.7.1 is creating duplicate copies in dated folders. How can I change this ? (FYI - I am running Lion on my Mac so I can continue using Photoshop CS4)
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    Renaming files in Lightroom

    I am getting ready to import some files ready into Lightroom and I want to rename the files on import. Most of these are Raw files (NEF). I have previously edited some of these in Photoshop and saved them as .psd files. I want Lightroom to rename a given "pair" of files (1 Raw and 1 Photoshop)...
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    Upgrade from LR Version 5 to 6 - Benefits?

    I am running LR standalone version 5.7.1 and I am considering an upgrade to LR standalone version 6 assuming there are significant benefits. It looks like the upgrade price will be about US $150. There may be recent discussions on this topic but I have not found them. My current LR version 5 is...
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    Using LR Develop Settings on PSD files - Pros and Cons ?

    I have a LR catalog of native PSD files originally shot on film. Most of these are large files ranging from 25-100mb. The catalog also contains Raw files shot digitally. I want use LR as my organizational center for managing both these file types. Most of my PSD files are "Master files" so...
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    Numbers as Keywords

    Would there be any issues to consider when using numbers as keywords? The reason I would be doing this is to identify different sizes of printed photographs that I have available for purchase. I would like to use my existing LR catalog but this may be a case for having separate catalog for this...
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    Managing inventory of printed photographs in different sizes

    I want to use a LR catalog to manage an inventory of printed photographs that I have in stock. These printed photographs are stored in a physical flat file. It would be useful to be able to reference which printed sizes of a particular photo that I have available at a given time. I would like to...
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    Internal and External Keywords

    As I design a Keyword strategy for my Lightroom catalog I have been thinking about Keywords that would be useful to me for managing and finding my images (Internal Keywords). A secondary goal is to choose External Keywords that others might use to find my images when I export and publish my...
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    Who can explain "Export Containing Keywords" ?

    "Export Containing Keywords" is an option found in the "Edit Keyword Tag" dialog. I am trying to clearly understand what function is performed when this option is checked. :hm: Adobe documentation offers a very brief description: "Export Containing Keywords" Includes higher-level keywords...
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    Transition from Old Folder System to New Lightroom Catalog

    For about 10 years I have been organizing and categorizing my digital photos in folders titled by subject. The new system will be strictly organized by metadata, keywords and collections in dated folders that Lightroom generates. As I abandon this legacy folder system and embark on importing...
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    Any Upgrade Benefits? LR 5.2 to 5.7

    Would you consider in worthwhile to upgrade from LR 5.2 to 5.7 ? I am not interested in subscribing to CC just yet.
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    IPTC Sublocation field for areas within a big city ?

    Location is an important descriptor for my photos. Many of my photos are taken in a large city (Houston) and I need to identify smaller areas or neighborhoods within the city. As I examine the IPTC location panel I noticed the Sublocation field. Would this be the correct field for this? Many...
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    Question about Import Destination

    I am devising a new LR catalog structure for my photo archive. I am abandoning folders titled by subject and establishing a date-based approach for storage. All photos originally taken in 2011, for example, will go in a folder titled 2011. QUESTION: On import, can LR determine the original...
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    Transition Plan for New Catalog

    Ever since I made the transition from film to digital about 10 years ago I have been organizing my digital photos in folders titled with a subject. These folders are enclosed within about 10 folders enclosing the entire archive in general subject categories. I use Lightroom to edit Raw files...
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    Print Module custom layout - JPEG only file output option?

    I would like to use the Print Module to output to PSD or TIFF, rather than JPEG, which appears to be the only option (I am using LR 5.2). Here is my problem: Using the Print Module, I created a grouping of photos arranged in a particular layout. I will need to edit the output file in Photoshop...
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    Best IPTC Fields for SEO

    The Best IPTC Fields in Lightroom for SEO are the Headline & Description Fields. From the research I have done, it seems that when descriptive text is placed in these fields, the text is most likely to be recognized by Google when images are exported to a website. There are other factors that...
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    Searchability of Embedded Image Metadata on the Web

    Lightroom and other DAM software have the ability to embed metadata within image files and later filter it to yield relevant search results. Once the metadata is attached to the files, the metadata travels with the file even when the file is separated from the DAM software. When an image file...
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    Is Apple's Picture Folder the best location to store photos on a Mac?

    I am creating a brand new catalog on my Mac in Lightroom 3 and I have a basic question : Apple provides a "pictures" folder for users. This seems to be the logical place to store my photo files but I am wondering if that is the best place? My concern is that the Mac OS may be distinguishing...
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    Creating a New Catalog on a New Computer

    I am just beginning the process of ingesting my entire photo collection into a Lightroom 3 catalog. I have done a lot of homework on LR and I am ready to dive in. I wanted to briefly describe what I am planning... I am moving my archive from an older Mac to the iMac indicated in my profile...
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    Lightroom or Bridge to embed Metadata to Photoshop files?

    I am ingesting a library of 1500 Photoshop files into Lightroom What is a better tool to embed Metadata to Photoshop files - Lightroom or Bridge? Thanks, Scott
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    Combining "film capture" and "digital capture" in single catalog

    Howdy from Texas - This is my first post! I am in the process of ingesting my entire photo collection into a Lightroom 3 catalog. The photo collection consists of the following: 1 - A "film capture" archive of about 1500 photos. Some of these are layered Master files (PSD) and some are film...