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    Small bug in LR ?

    I think I found a small bug in LR, and I would like someone to confirm please. . create a virtual copy #1 . create a virtual copy #2 . delete VC #1 . create a VC : it will be named VC #2 , so you have now two VC with the same name. . but if you create a VC now, it will be #3 !! Strange ... LR...
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    How to duplicate published collections

    Is there a way to duplicate published collections from a publish service to another (similar) one ? Bernard
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    Duplicate Gallery ?

    Within a publish service (TTG CE4), I want to rename the album names. Some renames are successful, others get an error message : "Duplicate gallery found if you proceed, this gallery will have a number appended to the slug" I vaguely remember that some years ago I created some albums that were...
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    Need help with video file

    I have imported a video file (mp4) into LR, when I read it in LR it's up side down, probably because my phone was up side down during recording. OK, but when I read it with VLC it's perfectly OK. So my guess is there is some exif data in the video, saying it's up side down ? And VLC does...
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    New profiles 7.3

    I have two problems with these new profiles (.dcp files) : They are not located where they should be (ie C:\Users\user-name\Appdata\Adobe\ etc.....)as described in Victoria's book. They are located in : C:\Users\All users\Adobe\Camera Raw\Camera Profiles Second, I see only very few profiles in...
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    Import date as criteria ?

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):LR 6.13 Within a specific folder, I need to select images according to their import date into LR. As far as I know, the import date is present only in the history of the develop module. Is it true ? The various...
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    Synchronize bug ?

    I can't find how to report a bug, maybe this one is known ? I try to synchronize a folder to add one more photo into LR. LR goes to the import dialog, a message is very briefly displayed (impossible to read) and LR freezes. The folder contains 4382 NEF images, and one JPG I am trying to import...
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    Graduated filter

    I have a simple question, but maybe difficult to explain. Let's assume I have a horizontal photo, imagine a horizontal axis numbered from 0 (left border) to 200 (right border), so 100 in the middle. I use a vertical graduated filter, in order to change something in a vertical zone between 50 and...
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    Synchro with LR mobile

    I am using LR 6.4 on two computers (one Windows 7 and one MBP Yosemite). On the MBP, every time I start LR, I am asked to synchronize with LR mobile, but I don't use LR mobile. On Windows, i am never asked this question. I guess this is the result of a question the very first time I installed...
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    Problem with the newly restored import dialog ?

    Several times, I added a small number of files to a folder, did a 'synchronize', and it worked OK. Now I added 1237 files to the same folder, and asked for a synchronize. It was proposed to synchronize exactly 1237 files, but when I continue in the import dialog, several things happen : . all...
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    Mismatch between LR and Windows

    I noticed a mismatch , within two folders, between the LR (6.2.1) count and the windows (7) count of photos, and cannot explain it : LR : 1366 photos , 12 virtual copies , 0 videos , total mentioned '1378 out of 1379' mentioned below the thumbnail grid. Windows : 1367 files I checked carefully...
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    ICM camera profile for LR ?

    I have an .icm color profile for my camera. Is it possible to use it with LR, or 'convert' it so I can use it ? Bernard
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    Problem with D810 camera profile again ?

    I realized that all my Nikon D810 nef pictures have a 'camera flat' profile. I thought it should be 'Adobe standard' or 'camera standard' ? I have seen similar problem reports concerning LR 5.6 , but I am in LR 6.1. These images have been imported on 14 april 2015, I am not sure with which...
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    Deleting a photo belonging to a collection

    When you delete a photo which belongs to a published collection, you get a warning message, fine. But when it belongs to a 'standard' collection, there is no warning , which is really dangerous because collections are the highest level of photo organisation in Lightroom. Do I miss something, or...
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    LR 5.7.1 and video ??

    Since upgrading from 5.7 to 5.7.1, I am not able to display videos anymore. I get the message : 'video system error unknown message bind success' Anyone else with the same problem ? Windows 7 64b , LR 64b , Quicktime 7.7.6 Bernard
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    Stacking and renaming problem ?

    I had a few hundreds photos in one single folder , with several stacks (3 to 11 photos per stack). After a rename (based on the create date) of all photos of the folder, I realised in Windows explorer that some photos have not been renamed. And in fact only the top photo of each stack was...
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    Previews and CameraRaw Cache

    I have selected several hundreds photos and asked to build the 1:1 previews. Everything goes OK. However, during that process I realised that files (Cache00000*.dat) were constantly being added to the CameraRaw cache. I thought that previews were stored in the xxxxx previews.lrdata file and...
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    Photomatix , HDR file and LR

    With Photomatix, I would like to create a 32 bit HDR file from different exposures, without tonemapping yet. And tonemap and postprocess it in LR 4.3 . However, AFAIK LR only reads Tiff HDR files, and Photomatix produces only Radiance RGBE and Open EXR. Do I miss something , or is there an...
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    Crop tool , custom aspect ratio

    In develop module/crop tool, do you know how to delete custom aspect ratios that I entered by mistake ? Win 7 64, LR 4.3 64 Bernard
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    Virtual copy creation point in time

    OK, I know a VC is virtual, just a new list of 'changes' related to a photo. But .... When you create a VC, it seems to be a copy of the master in its current state, not in its original state. Is this correct ? In the history of the VC, you find the timestamp of the creation, fine but not very...