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  1. jemostrom

    Looking for advise on mobile workflow with LR Classic

    I hope this is the right forum for this question I'm looking for some sensible way of handling my photos when traveling. I better start with some background info I'm using LR Classic (I'm not interested in LR CC but have looked at other alternatives for use on my Mac). Since I want to travel...
  2. jemostrom

    Tethering problems (D4s + MacBook Pro 2017)

    I decided to try tethered shooting and bought a tethertools cable and tried to connect my MacBook Pro 2017 laptop with my Nikon D4s ... when I start the session from LR it just says that it's waiting for a camera to show up, that's all. So I took it to my old Mac Mini and tried there, and it...
  3. jemostrom

    Finding photos that are not in an album?

    I’ve been trying to find a way to find photos that are not in an album but I must be missing something. How can I do this?
  4. jemostrom

    Publishing to for example Flickr or Smugmug

    I’m pretty sure that the answer to my question is “No” but to be 100% sure that I haven’t missed anything I’ve found a workflow that works for me which involves Lightroom CC on laptop/iOS and Classic on my “photo computer”. Assume that I want to publish stuff to Flickr/Smugmug/etc from...
  5. jemostrom

    Advice on getting new hardware

    Hi, I need some advice on buying a new computer, or at least planning for buying a new computer. Currently I’m using an older Mac Mini that is solely set up for use with my photography (just a hobby). I'm using Lightroom Classic (together with the iOS CC versions) and unfortunately the computers...
  6. jemostrom

    What is "slow"?

    The last month or two Lightroom has started to become too slow for my taste ... but is it slow or is it me? Two examples: I'm viewing a folder and try to scroll the thumbnails, I then have to wait 5-10 seconds (or more) before any scrolling happen. This doesn't happen every time but perhaps 50%...
  7. jemostrom

    Export to folder hierarchy by date

    I want to do a favor for some family member and export 5-6000 photos into a folder hierarchy by date. So I want the output files in a hierarchy like this: |-2016 |-----11 |---------05 |---------06 |---------07 |-----12 |---------15 I can't figure out how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to...
  8. jemostrom

    Creating smart collection that refers to a specific static collection

    I'm trying to be a good boy and clean up my lightroom catalog a bit. One of the things is to add all interesting photos to a collection ... this worked just fine but when I was going to use these collections for publishing a stumbled across a problem. I've set up the collections in an...
  9. jemostrom

    Publish collections

    I'm new to Lightroom and trying to learn the best way to use it - and I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question since I must be missing something obvious. Right now I store the actual files in date-based hierarchy, then I've started to create collections for the actual photos that I want to...
  10. jemostrom

    Recommended plugins/developers??

    Hi, I'm new to Lightroom and after having used the program for some time I'm now looking to extend it in a few ways. I've looked around a bit, found different plugins from different companies and now I'm trying to figure out what reputation different companies/persons have. One I've found and...
  11. jemostrom

    Multiple languages, controlling what metadata that get exported where

    First: I'm fairly new to Lightroom so I might be missing something obvious. I'm moving my photos into Lightroom, before actually starting to do this I looked at "Organizing your photos with Lightroom 5" by Peter Krogh to figure out how to best manage my photos. And I'm basically doing what he...
  12. jemostrom

    Entering metadata on a laptop/iPad/iPhone???

    Hi, I'm pretty new to Lightroom and I'm currently moving stuff into it. My setup is that I have Lightroom installed on a desktop Mac with the photos on an external disk. Everything works nicely but I have a question: while it's nice to edit photos on the desktop with its large screen I find...