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  1. Monty

    Capitalising KEYWORDS

    I am trying to add keywords beginning with Capital Letters but LR insists on demoting them to lower case (probably because they already exist in that form). How might I override this please?
  2. Monty

    Save Print command - whoops I forgot!!!

    Is it possible to automate the operation of the 'Save Print' button or allow me to operate this retrospectively. Often I make a successful print but forget to hit the button before making another. Getting old and forgetful!! Best wishes Monty Trent
  3. Monty


    Hi everyone, I am a keen LR user having started with LR1. I now use LR to catalogue my ever growing photo archive of over 98,000 snaps. I also use LR primarily to catalogue my images and apply general adjustments which I then export to Photoshop using Nik plugins. Since LR4 came along I have...
  4. Monty

    Collections failing to import

    I am a new member of the Forum though an avid Lightroom user and follower of this website. Forgive me for asking FAQ but I haven't been able to see this addressed anywhere. Here's the problem. I have been on a holiday abroad uploading photos every day to a temporary LR4 catalogue (let's call...