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    Organize Images in Finder and Lightroom Folders

    Because many of my photos in Finder are not in folders, I am having difficulty organizing Finder (without causing them to go 'missing' in Lightroom). Is there a way to create a folder in Lightroom and move it to Finder so that I can move all these loose photos (in Finder) into that folder (in...
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    Apple Warning Notice

    This warning popped up on my screen when I logged into my computer. I have the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC (version 8.1) and the latest update on Apple (Mojave). What does this mean? (Screen shot, below):
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    Publish Services Jeffrey Friedl Plug In

    I have been using the Jeffrey Friedl Plug-In to upload images to Flickr for years, but I have not been able to upgrade the 'Plug-In' to the most recent version. It appears to have been 'obsoleted' by Adobe. Does anyone know if this is the case?
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    Book module Lost saved book in book module

    I have been working on a book in the Book Module for quite awhile. I saved it as "Saved Book" and usually when I open the book module, it opens up with all the edits and changes. Today for some reason it opens with all the photos, each on its own page, with all the edits gone. I have not been...
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    Help with UnInstall / Install

    I would like to install Lr 2015.3/6.3 but I get error code U44M2P28 when I follow the link in Victoria's blog post. To get around this, the instructions from Victoria's blog are to uninstall Lr, then install Lr 6.0, then install Lr 6.3. QUESTION 1: How do I UNINSTALL Lightroom? (I'm hoping that...