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  1. Rwentzel

    Greyed Photos.

    Using LR.14 Some of my images in my collections are greyed out. If I open them they become normal and I can edit them . When returned to the collection they once again become greyed out. What is happening ?
  2. Rwentzel


    I have LR 6.14 and have over 20 000 photos in my Catalog. I regularly back up my catalog and images to 2 external harddrives. If my computer harddrive were to crash or be lost/stolen how would I recover the actual LR program ? Do I need to back it up or would Adobe allow me to reload it onto my...
  3. Rwentzel


    LR 6.14. Library Module. I want to add comments to a photo in the Comments Section ( below Metadata ) but it says " Comments not supported here " Please help.
  4. Rwentzel


    Somehow I seemed to have lost all my presets. How do I get them back ? I backup my Catalog to an external harddrive about every two weeks and have several of these backups on the external harddrive. Some help please Thanks.
  5. Rwentzel

    Lens Correction

    I am using LR 6.14. I think I saw some time ago a feature under Lens Correction in the Develope Mode to correct the tilt of buildings. Looking there today I could not see this feature. Is it there are was I mistaken?
  6. Rwentzel

    Missing Icons.

    LR 6.14 I have lost the 3 little icons at the top right that close, minimise and expand. How do I get them back. Thanks.
  7. Rwentzel

    Copy Edit Settings from One Photo to Another

    I use LR 6, Perpetual. I have several very similar photos which I think are very good. I have spent some time editing one and have got it to be exactly where I want it to be. How do I copy the settings from the completed on to the others ?
  8. Rwentzel


    I back up my LR 6 Catalog well as my original photos on my internal hard drive to an external hard drive once a week. All my photos in my catalog are in various Collections. When I back up are these collections also saved.?
  9. Rwentzel

    LIGHTROOM 7 ???

    Is there any talk of Lightroom 7 in the near future.
  10. Rwentzel

    Missing Metadata

    In looking at the Metadata info in the Library Mode I notice that for some photos the lens used info is missing.It has it for some and not for others . Same Nikon body and same Nikon lens , photos taken on same day. What causes this and how can I add the missing info ? Thanks
  11. Rwentzel

    Focus Point.

    How can I show the focus point in LR 6.? Is there a plug in.? I am shooting with a Nikon D 7200
  12. Rwentzel


    When working in the Develop Mode my image often automatically jumps to the 1:1 size.To get it back i have to go back to grid view and click "Fit". Is there a way to prevent this ?
  13. Rwentzel


    I currently import from my sd card to my laptop hard drive and back up to an external drive once a week. I set Build Previews to minimal and do not check Build Smart Previews. I have been told it is better to set Build Previews to 1 : 1 and to create Smart previews, What are the benefits of...
  14. Rwentzel

    Partial Edit in Elements

    To add a small border to my photos I do it in Elements. When I bring them back to LR they are Tiff files. How do I convert them back to Jpeg.?
  15. Rwentzel

    Full Moon Photos

    I am currently using the Develope mode to improve some photos taken of the full moon. The black sky becomes blue and the moon red. I need to move the sliders to their get a balanced picture. Taking it back to the library mode it looks fine. What is going on ?
  16. Rwentzel


    I am using LR6 standalone and all of a sudden whenever I want to delete a photo it tells me it cannot be removed from Lightroom until it is synced with LR Mobile. It adds the photo to a Sync Folder. I am not running Mobile, never have. It tells me Mobile is paused. How do I get rid of the sync...
  17. Rwentzel


    A day or two ago I started to receive the following message when I import photos. ( LR6). " The metadata for this photo has been changed in Lightroom. Save the changes to the disk. " I click on save and all seem fine. What does this mean and what has changed.? A blessed Christmas and...
  18. Rwentzel


    I have created several watermarks and now want to use only one of them. How do I remove the ones I do not want to use from the option panel .?
  19. Rwentzel


    Any comments on using the following sliders settings as general norm for Wildlife. Using Nikon D7200 Amount : 75 Radius : 1.0 Detail : 30 Masking : 95 Thanks
  20. Rwentzel


    Last night I took several pictures of the new moon. I have imported them and in the Library mode they look fine. However when I open them in the Develop mode the night sky is bright blue.What setting have I got wrong ?
  21. Rwentzel


    Where in the metadata can I see what EC value I have used for a specific photo. ?
  22. Rwentzel

    Develop B & W

    How can I increase the tonal range ?
  23. Rwentzel


    I have thousands of photos in my LR6 Catalog all stored by Year, Month and Day. For some unknown reason when I tried yesterday to import my first photos for July they keep on going to June on my hardrive and thus into June in LR. What am I doing wrong ?
  24. Rwentzel


    My Nikon D7200 has an optional 1.3 crop. If I use this and then import my image into LR6 am I able to see the full image as well as the cropped image. I am told that with some Canon cameras this is possible. Is it possible in LR or is it a Nikon thing ?
  25. Rwentzel


    Is there a way in LR6 to add a border to a photo. ?