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  1. Mark Lethlean

    How to change the file name of my upgraded LR CC Classic

    Sorry for these basic questions. I have upgraded from LR 6 to Classic. I now have 2 x shortcuts on my desktop while in my C:\Adobe there are the equivalent 2 master catalogs- master and master-2. I cannot open the master-2.lrcat from the C drive as it says it is too new a version and would I...
  2. Mark Lethlean


    I currently run LR 6.13 and over the past year when I check for upgrades am told that I am up to date. I learn today that they are up to version 8. Have I missed something? regards Mark
  3. Mark Lethlean

    Collapsing the Keyword Hierarchy

    Hi, I have a Keyword Hierarchy of all Australian birds down to subspecies. Is there a simple way of collapsing the hierarchy display down in stages. The only way I can achieve this at the moment is if I work on another parent word such as EVENTS or PEOPLE and the go back to my parent Keyword...