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    Cannot publish to Flickr after moving computers

    I was using the Flickr publishing service successfully with several version of Lightroom CC Classic. Recently I moved Lightroom and all the photos to a new Windows 10 PC. Everything went well (thanks to Victoria's instructions) except that I can no longer use the Flickr publishing services...
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    No metadata/flags/stars in LrM grid view

    In previous versions of Lightroom Mobile it was possible to overlay flags and/or stars and/or metadata on the photo thumbnails in grid view. This was changed by a two-finger tap and was very useful. Now nothing is displayed, two-finger tap does not work and there is no way to do this in the...
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    Lightroom CC tethered capture with Canon EOS 760D

    I just bought a Canon EOS 760D which is a new model on the market and not (so far) listed among the supported cameras at That list doesn't seem to be regularly updated (it mentions Lightroom 4) but I couldn't find...
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    What do you get with Creative Cloud Photography?

    I've had a licence for desktop Lightroom for a few years now but I'm thinking about taking up the Creative Cloud Photography package offer. Does anyone know if this entitles you to install Lightroom on two different computers as I have been doing (Desktop PC at home for the main catalogue and...
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    Copying/Synchronizing(?) keywords and capture time between photos

    Hello, I am trying to re-date and tag a collection of photos of old slides taken (by my father) in the 1960s. Before switching to Lightroom I had a workflow in which I ended up with a RAW file and a JPG version. Only the JPG version has the correct original capture time and keywords, assigned...
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    No RAW file preview when importing from camera

    I would like to import photos by connecting my cameras (either Canon EOS 450D or Powershot S95) to the PC with a USB cable. When I try to import from the camera in Lightroom 3.5, I do not get a preview of the RAW (.CR2) images, which makes it hard to do a selection. If I take the SD card out...