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  1. 35Milly

    In camera blanking out a grey sky

    I was watching a professional photograher taking several outdoor pictures under a grey sky, full cloud cover. I think he was using a Canon 7D. He showed me its Monitor image and I remarked that it was showing the sky as black. He was using a setting in his camera that deliberately blacked out...
  2. 35Milly

    Lightroom 6.3, folder and photo location

    I am an occasional amateur user of LR so I am not interested in the subscription products. However, in error, I loaded LR CC trial version which seemed to overwrite LR 6 and I have had to reinstall it. On opening LR 6 all my folders and photo files appear to be listed but their true location...
  3. 35Milly

    Background processes

    About a week ago my Win10 laptop fan started to constantly run. I thought it was a program downloading/updating, or something similar but now, a week later it is still whirring away. I started investigating and it looks like it could be due to Adobe updating processes costantly running. Please...
  4. 35Milly

    Lightroom 6.1 crashes

    Win10, LR 6.1. 64 bit. Does LR automatically create a crash report? I had a series of program crashes that brought up a popup requesting LR to be closed. It happened when moving from Catalog to Develop and I wondered if had been recorded somewhere. I was about to post this as unresolved...
  5. 35Milly

    Recommended editor

    I downloaded PS Elements 13 to use with LR but I find the menu font sizes either too small to see or way too big. It seems a common problem for high res screens, mine is a 1920x1080 laptop. I believe full Photoshop has the same problem. If that is the case can someone please recommend another...
  6. 35Milly

    Files folders catalogues and backups.

    Hi, I am new to LR and this is my first post here so please excuse any silly questions! I have read Lightroom Queen's ebook guide which was a good starter and have picked up the basics but I am still struggling to match it to my setup. Just to set the scene I keep my photos on a NAS RAID1 drive...