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    custom metadata fields

    Check this Plug-in, maybe it works for you: https://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/jbeardsworth/findreplace/index.php?sec=custom Franz
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    Correct setting to export to JPEG without huge file size

    Sorry, if I was confusing but I assumes that "Quality" is somehow correlating to "File-size". But for me any scale which goes from 0/1 to 100 is Percent (per centum = out of hundred). I wanted only to show that this behaviour described by Jeffry Friedl is also in LR 8. When you compare the file...
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    Account details

    Hallo Johan Maybe my title was not clear, I wrote about the Forum Software. and my account details here in this Forum. My LR Software is 8.1 Franz
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    Account details

    In the Software Version selection field the Versions 8.0 and 8.1 are missing, only Classic 7 is available. Franz
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    Correct setting to export to JPEG without huge file size

    Just tested with LR 8.1 100% 2868 KB 93% 2868 KB 85% 2041 KB ..... 8% 254 KB 7% 232 KB 1% 232 KB 0% 232 KB Franz
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    Correct setting to export to JPEG without huge file size

    A nice reading to this theme by J. Friedl: An Analysis of Lightroom JPEG Export Quality Settings Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Reverse geo encoding

    Still working, this will happen in November. Then it will be Geosetter + Friedl Franz
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    Reverse geo encoding

    After putting in the GPS-data it doesn’t show the “famous” proposals for location, street,..... I tried all possible settings in preferences, set back all preferences, now out of ideas. It’s also not text colour grey on grey as I found somewhere as possible cause. For me it’s only a small...
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    Interaction Between Monitor and Printer

    On the site www.prad.de (german only!?) you can find specs and info vor approx. 13.000 monitors, with filters for tens of parameters and much more. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an English version of this site. Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Autoplay problem after update

    I upgraded from 5.7 to 6.14 without any problems, everything is ok. The only small problem is Windows7 related. After putting in a SD-card autoplay shows a lot of programs including LR5 but not LR6. I know that this is controlled by the registry but not how. Is there an easy and...
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    IPTC Date Created

    Try 1984-00-00 Works in my German Version: IPTC/Bild/ erstellt am Franz
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    Process named amecommand.exe using 70%+ CPU

    Another opinion: What is amecommand.exe ? amecommand.exe info What is true ? Franz
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    Is there a functional DNG viewer for Win 10 ?

    Export full size JPEGs AND full size TIFFs (= RAW). Then you have both worlds - lossy and lossless. And independent from Adobe! Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Metadata argh!: Can I include EXIF date/time but exclude keywords?

    Another Version: 1. Select all images 2.) Right click -> make virtual copies 3.) VCs are selected -> delete all keywords in the box on the right side 4.) Export 5.) VCs are still selected -> delete 2. - 5. in total only 6 clicks It worked in my version Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Monitor for photo editing and RAM

    Prad.de Makes very useful tests, comparisons and so on. Also in English Franz
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    IPS Monitor? Do I need one?

    Look at www.prad.de, very informative and you can switch to English. Franz
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    Location of cataloged photos

    Not expanded Stapels count only "1" Franz
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    Deleting files from LR Import second copy that are deleted from Lightroom

    @ meachp automatic delete setting for backup: I have learned it on my own - deleted by accident a file and next morning the backup was also gone !!!!! So I make manual housekeeping in the backup discs once or twice per year. Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Adobe HAVE?

    And when I want potato CHIPS in England, I have to order CRISPS and then I get a bag with the word CHIPS on it. very strange for a stranger.
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    How to accept suggestion location after tagging in map module?

    http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/gps works really good Franz
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    Advice & recommendations wanted: Slide copier

    http://fotovideotec.de/dias_digitalisieren/ sorry it is German, I did it this way and it worked o.k. the "milky" glass must be some special version, it looks like white coated (enameled ?), but it easy to get at glazier's shop. greetings from vienna franz PS: the Name is "Flashed glass"
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    Canvas and page sizes don´t match in print module

    It Looks like the canvas size is calculated in inch, 4x6 gives exactly your measurement. try to make your picture size in the same units. Franz
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    Searaching with more than one keyword

    In the text option you can also separate with a space only and if you start a keyword with a "!" (e.g. "!bird") than this keyword is excluded (e.g. {contains words} "Susan Frank !Charles" selects all fotos with Susan+Frank but NOT with Susan+Frank+Charles). Franz
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    Exporting with incremental numbering

    I'm glad that I could help you. We have also very modern buildings in Vienna. Google "Muellverbrennung Wien" und you will find photos of the maybe most beautiful waste incineration plant, designed by the famous Austria painter, architekt, philosoph,...... Friedrich Hundertwasser (also...
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    Exporting with incremental numbering

    add a "0" (zero!) to the template after the sequence token: {Custom text} {Sequence # (01)»}0 Greetings from Vienna Franz