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  1. Hal P Anderson

    "an unexpected end-of-file occurred" error message / correcting using Hexplorer

    Mike, Probably none of us uses that hex editor. You need to figure out (probably by reading its help file) how to add data to the file, rather than just modify the data that's there. That said, there's no guarantee that only one byte is missing at the end of the image file. What you really need...
  2. Hal P Anderson

    Camera/Lens profiles not working

    Most of the lens profiles are for raw files. There are very few that will show up for non-raw.
  3. Hal P Anderson

    LR replicates the volume and folder name when I import....

    On Windows 10, you can set individual folders to be case-sensitive: https://www.howtogeek.com/354220/how-to-enable-case-sensitive-folders-on-windows-10/
  4. Hal P Anderson

    Lightroom eats all PC performance - makes other programms freeze

    You could try limiting the max number of cores that LR will use: https://www.tekrevue.com/tip/restrict-apps-cpu-cores-processor-affinity/
  5. Hal P Anderson

    Copy Collection Structure to Publisher

    Or do you mean a bunch of collections within a collection set?
  6. Hal P Anderson

    Giving up Adobe Subscription

    You are still allowed to update your version, amazingly enough.
  7. Hal P Anderson

    Library module Cant see files

    Oh, instead of files, you meant folders. There's a big difference. Yes, if you had hundreds of folders on the G: drive, you are down to six. My guess is that you deleted them somehow from your catalogue. Do you have a recent catalogue backup you could use? Also, a photograph of your screen...
  8. Hal P Anderson

    Keywording a stack

    Hmm...not quite a Schroedinbug. Perhaps it's a Shroedinfeature. :)
  9. Hal P Anderson

    Accidentally merged two LR 5.7 folders

    As to how it happened, it's surprisingly easy to accidentally drag one folder into another. I've done it a host of times, unintentionally clicking a mouse button as I was mousing over the folders display.
  10. Hal P Anderson

    Next Mac OS will be called Catalina

    Interesting news for those of you who use Apple things: http://dslrbodies.com/accessories/software-for-nikon-dslrs/software-news/2019-digital-photography/what-did-apple-just-do.html
  11. Hal P Anderson

    Next Mac OS will be called Catalina

    It is in the Off Topic forum. :)
  12. Hal P Anderson

    Moving to LR Classic folder based subscription? Problems?

    1, Yes, but LR 6 and CC cannot share the same catalogue. CC will create a new copy of your LR 6 catalogue (leaving the old one untouched), but any changes made to the new catalogue won't be readable by LR 6. Actually trying to use both will probably be an exercise in frustration. Keeping LR 6...
  13. Hal P Anderson

    LR not saving my settings when I start new catalogs

    That's not what Johan said. He said that you might have set the preference "Store Presets with this catalogue" which would keep things from being stored in a central location. Give that a try before you give up.
  14. Hal P Anderson

    Sudden Onset of Frequent Crashes

    It's easy enough to fix a bad preview cache. Rename it or move it out of the folder that the catalogue is in. It's probably named <cataloguename>.Previews.lrdata. If lightroom can't find it, it will rebuild it as you browse, or you can issue the menu command: Library->Previews->Build Standard...
  15. Hal P Anderson

    Sudden Onset of Frequent Crashes

    Also, here's a program that will stress-test your computer like no other: https://www.mersenne.org/download/ It's meant to search for very large prime numbers, but it has a stress test function that works your memory and CPU very hard, indeed. It's worth a try.
  16. Hal P Anderson

    Greyed Photos.

    As Johan said, it's in the same folder as your catalogue. Your catalogue is named something.lrcat. The previews will be named something.Previews.lrdata.
  17. Hal P Anderson

    Sudden Onset of Frequent Crashes

    How about memory? Taking the whole system down requires some assistance from faulty hardware or drivers.
  18. Hal P Anderson

    Search on virtual copy date?

    I, too, reckon you're out of luck. The AnyFilter plugin by John Ellis won't filter on VC date, and if it can't do it, it can't be done, AFAIK.
  19. Hal P Anderson

    Library module Update DNG Previews & Metadata

    All raw files have an embedded preview. They come from the camera that way. They are only used as a LR preview briefly, until LR has a chance to build its own. Saving metadata to the DNG files doesn't change the embedded preview. As you found, there's a special command to do that.
  20. Hal P Anderson

    Library module Update DNG Previews & Metadata

    Sure. It changes the imbedded preview in the DNG file to the edited version. A lot of apps don't display the raw image in a raw file (and DNGs are raw), but display the embedded preview. Even though the DNG image hasn't been updated, the preview will show as if it has.
  21. Hal P Anderson

    Lightroom is changing every date!

    It isn't really a Lightroom issue. Scrolling dropdowns with the mouse wheel happens everywhere, as far as i know. It's probably a Windows thing.
  22. Hal P Anderson

    Moving parts of catalogue from laptop to desktop

    No. On the portable, go to All Photographs. Menu item: File->Export as catalog. Tick the box Export Negative files, also set your output to the memory stick. If you have room, tick the Include available previews box. If not, they'll be rebuilt after you import. Then insert the memory stick in...
  23. Hal P Anderson

    Moving parts of catalogue from laptop to desktop

    Menu item: File->Import from another catalog.