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    Batch crop copy/paste dev. settings issue "An internal error has occurred: ?:0:.."

    **Issue Resolved** Solution posted as reply below I have recently updated to Lightroom 5.4 and I am attempting to apply a 16:9 crop on a batch of images. I've managed to perform other functions and have many other preset creation actitivities and copying/pasting of settings and functions appear...
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    Importing issues with certain files

    I'm having an issue importing JPGS which have been externally retouched. The images are showing up in the import dialogue when simply 'adding' the images (rather than copying or moving). There are 240 images, and during the first import 8 images imported into my catalogue (instead of 240) and...
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    Graduated filters creating a dark line - cleaning up white backgrounds

    I thought it might be an optical illusion, however I've done some tests using a colour picker in photoshop and I can confirm that I've started noticing something strange when using the graduated filter which causes darkening to appear just after where the grad. filter ends. When lightening one...
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    Pro 'tog saying hellow from Manchester, UK

    Hi there, thought I'd introduce myself as I get familiar with the forum. I've been shooting stills for 7+ years now, and video for a few of those. It's quite possible I was using lightroom on the Beta before version 1.0 was release (as far as I remember) but it's safe to say I've been a long...