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    Reject and Pick flagging

    When I reject or pick an image in LR Classic Release 8.3 Library Module the black or white flag appears but the program fails to advance to the next image. Is this a preference choice or is there a bug in my LR.?
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    Selected images not importing.

    For many years I believed LR to be 'bulletproof'. I used it constantly and never had a glitch. But over the past year or so, since having been forced on to the subscription path I have come disenchanted, with too many things going wrong. Today was an infuriating day with me fighting the...
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    LR Classic CC import problems. Library side bars appearing when selecting import. Unable to import.

    I am on the road with LR CC on my MacBook Pro running Mojave and the import function has dropped its bundle. When selecting import the Library side bars appear in place of the normal import bars. I cannot import and this is a real problem as I need to work on, and forward, edited images whilst...
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    Print from Previews

    I inadvertently deleted gallery image files from a laptop believing that I had transferred the files to my desktop. I had not! Is it possible to print small prints from the previews? If so, how please? Damage is done and this is a big lesson!
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    Deleting Photos

    Running i27Mac with a catalogue of over 100,000 photos and have been clearing out some of the rubbish that has accumulated over the years updated progressively since the first version through to now Classic Desktop V7.5. My first step was to mark as rejected all those I wanted to delete so that...
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    4K Video

    I have tried to import a 9 second test 4K video shot on my Panasonic Lumix LX100. I can view it in the camera but it does not appear on the import screen of LR6.9. Any tips please folks?
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    Dock on MacBook Air not accessible when in LR6

    I have LR6.9 running on a MacBook Air and when I go to the bottom of screen to open the dock it does not appear. To access the dock I have to quit Lightroom. With LR not running the dock appears as normal. Is this a settings problem?
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    Update LR6.0 to LR6.9 on MacBook Air

    I have LR6.9 on my iMac27 and a lesser version of LR6 on a MacBook Air. Some time ago I agreed to the trial of Lightroom CC on the Air. I did not enjoy the trial and with my experience with Apple, iTunes music and movies I an not remotely interested in working with the Cloud or Adobe CC so did...
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    Cannot delete files from catalogue

    Using LR6.7 and trying to get rid of unwanted files I get this message when trying to delete files. "There were XXX files that could not be moved to the Trash folder"
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    Hard drive swa

    i have a Tb of images on the internal hard drive of an i27. All are catalogued in LR. I have just installed an external RAID drive. All images have been copied on to the RAID drive. LR continues to go to the internal drive for the images. How can I instruct LR to go to the RAID? I hope...
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    Preview Cache problem

    I have an LR6 catalogue of 65,000 images on an Mac i27. Have been away from the computer travelling and when I returned to the computer and try to load LR6 the message is "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit." My understanding is that LR should...