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  1. ShootaBike

    Reinstalling windows 7...

    Dear all, Having had my operating system set up a few years back, and having made several hardware changes, I need to install a fresh copy. Luckily the OS occupies an SSD of its own and I will keep all data intact. However I need to know how to reinstall and restore LR 3.6 and have it up and...
  2. ShootaBike

    Do develop presets cancel each other or do they add up?

    I had the impession they cancelled each other (when selected by clicking one after another) but I'm not really shure. It seems that some of them just remain active when another preset is chosen. What is true and what is the correct way to apply them?
  3. ShootaBike

    Let’s discuss about brushes…

    Hi there! I think that the brush feature is the most powerful tool of them all and I intend to master it (sometime). Could you PLEASE point at some useful threads/ sites/ whatever else might be helpful to this end? (taking into account I have no clue how to use it right now) Thanx!
  4. ShootaBike

    Presets: RAW Vs Jpeg

    Lightroom user log - day 03... I am currently playing around with presets and watching instructional videos when I find some time. I did use the forum's links and got myself some presets which having followed the related guides are now included in the "user presets". The question is whether...
  5. ShootaBike

    Camera specific import presets for Lr3

    Hi All ! Newbie question, I tried to Google it first though… As far as I understand, Lr will process RAW in its own way, which is an understated presentation compared to the in-camera processor. How may I “emulate” my camera’s processing in order to achieve a similar look when...
  6. ShootaBike

    First time Lr user here!

    Hi! Glad to meet you all! Yesterday I first installed Lr3 on my PC and inserted some 2000 jpegs out of my CF memory card... I have already switched my camera to RAW, but theres lot to explore in this vacation folder and lots of prints I wish to make. I just hope using Lr will make em better...