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    Account details

    In the Software Version selection field the Versions 8.0 and 8.1 are missing, only Classic 7 is available. Franz
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    Reverse geo encoding

    After putting in the GPS-data it doesn’t show the “famous” proposals for location, street,..... I tried all possible settings in preferences, set back all preferences, now out of ideas. It’s also not text colour grey on grey as I found somewhere as possible cause. For me it’s only a small...
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    Autoplay problem after update

    I upgraded from 5.7 to 6.14 without any problems, everything is ok. The only small problem is Windows7 related. After putting in a SD-card autoplay shows a lot of programs including LR5 but not LR6. I know that this is controlled by the registry but not how. Is there an easy and...
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    "Umlaute" (the letters "u", "a" and "o" with two dots over it) in filenames

    I have the German version, LR (and windows) accepts "Umlaute" (the letters "u", "a" and "o" with two dots over it) in filenames (and in keywords, ...). But when I export such a file as e-mail I get the message "e-mail client not found". Changing the "Umlaut" to a "normal" vowel solves the...
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    Catalog shows no photos in grid view

    After some importing the grid view stayed empty. hitting no filter etc shows no effect. The catalog window "All Photographs" shows 19700 photos, the collections work, hitting a keyword in the keyword list brings the correct photos. But no photos in the library, toolbar. Deleting preferences...