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    Convert all to Black and White, don't change individual exposures???

    Hi everyone so, here's my situation, did an event last night which took place in 3 different rooms, have tweaked exposures and contrast etc.. for 400 odd photos, I've exported them all as colour and good to go! now what I'd really love to do is supply a Black and White version of all...
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    Workflow Question!

    So, I have the new eye-fi pro x2 card, and I want to download all the photos in small jpeg format (cause the RAW's take foreverrrrrrrrr) to my mac to do a quick edit in Lightroom 3, with the client and have a smaller selection of the few jpegs that I actually need, so what I want to do then...
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    update previews in lightroom

    Hi There, so when i've edited a shot in photoshop and then saved it back to lightroom, if i then make further changes to that file and save again in photoshop, how do i update instantly the shot in lightroom to reflect changes? it seems to take a while on its own? Adam
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    E-Commerce with Lightroom Plug In

    Hello Quick one for photographers, i'm looking to start selling my prints on-line with a e-commerce set up, so I can upload a gallery of thumbnails from a shoot and people can pick print sizes to be re-touched and printed etc... does anyone have a company they can reccomend that has...
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    Presets work differently after re-touch in photodhop?

    Hi so i use lightroom to catalogue and also try out presets on my images, fantastic toll but! when I try a preset on a photo and find one i like, I then create a virtual copy, I reset it and go into photoshop and re-touch skin, when I save and it reappears as a tiff in the folder, but then...