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  1. pknoot

    Luminar 2018

    Has anyone tried Luminar 2018 yet? I bought it for $49 (since I already own Aurora HDR) and started experimenting with it. There are a number of very cool filters and effects that complement LR very well. I'm using it both as stand-alone and plug-in for LR and PS. I would be interested in...
  2. pknoot

    Any news on enabling multi-user collaboration for Lightroom?

    Is there still no solution for multiple photographers working out of different locations on the same catalog? Not simultaneously, of course! Creative Cloud doesn't seem to provide and answer or does it?
  3. pknoot

    Recovering from a labeling error

    My son was trying to help me the other day and accidentally changed the color labels and stars on all :shock: 70,000+ images in my LR catalog. Needless to say, I was in serious shock! I use these labels and stars to indicate the priorities and editing state of my shots. I do have backups of...
  4. pknoot

    LR 3.3 Starts Out Fine, Then Slows To A Crawl

    This is a phenomenon I had not seen yet prior to 3.3 - LR starts slowing down dramatically over the course of 30 minutes' work, to the point where I can't go on without a restart. It is particularly obvious when I need to display folders or collections with a lot of images. Over time, I get...
  5. pknoot

    Keyword Tag Options Randomly Unchecked

    I generally check all three boxes for the keyword tag options (Include on Export, Export Containing Keywords, Export Synonyms) for my keywords. On a fairly regular basis these get "unchecked" on random keywords, forcing me to do a 1''% check on keyword export - a real waste of time. Has anyone...
  6. pknoot

    New site already hit by spam!

    I like the new look, even though I was perfectly happy with the old one.... :icon_smile: It seems like we already got hit with spam - tennis racket ad!
  7. pknoot

    Jobo PhotoGPS experience?

    Has anyone tried using the Jobo PhotoGPS with Lightroom? The Jobo website has limited information and does mention their own software's ability to include the GPS data in an XMP sidecar file. I wonder if that is compatible with LR's XMP sidecar. If this works, it would be a nice alternative...
  8. pknoot

    Gallery 2: An internal error has occurred: Access to undefined global: caption

    I am new to Gallery and would greatly appreciate some help with this error. I set up Gallery on my website and it appears to be running fine. I can successfully upload images from the website. However, when trying to upload via Lightroom 2.1, using the Gallery plugin (from Ubermind) I get...
  9. pknoot

    Copying Collections to Another Catalog

    Is it possible to copy Collections from one catalog to another? I use both a laptop in the field and a main system desktop for my work; I do use the import/export Folders as Catalog feature to move recent field work to the main system. I would like to replicate changes in my Collections...