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    Invalid number

    I have just downloaded LR6,It asked for reg number and I tried LR2 "full " and then 3, 4, 5. and all are Invalid !!
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    Invalid number

    I have just downloaded LR6,It asked for reg number and I tried LR2 "full " and then 3, 4, 5. and all are Invalid !!
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    Can not find Hard drive

    Hello, I have just installed an external HD, But LR 5 will not find it how can I rectify this ? Richard
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    G key

    Hi I cannot get the grid screen when I press the G key ? LR 5.6
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    create saved print

    When I press to "Create saved print" all of the other images go to that collection how can I prevent that ? DickL
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    Silver Efex

    Has anyone tried to use Silver Efex in LR and come up with error -65 or should I not be using this forum for other programs, if so Sorry ! Richard
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    Tiff to PSD

    Hello, When I transfer a TIFF file to Silver efex from LR It changes to PSD and an error message comes up, where is the settings to change this ?
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    Embedded Profiles

    hello In profiles I use ProPhoto Rgb or 1998 RGB but opRGB has appeared. what is opRGB ? R Lowes
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    Hello In v4 Beta when I go from Develop to Print the previous Image that I printed remains and so I have to close Lightroom to clear
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    Printing from LR 3.5 is dark

    Printing from lightroom is darker than the screen and yet printing from PS5 is perfect. The printer is a R800 and I have calibrated both Screen and Printer, I have been away for a while and previously I have had no problems with Printing in lightroom and I have changed no settings, So, the same...
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    Importing web site backup

    I have a backup of a web site which I need to put into another copy of LR on a different hard drive the backup only consists of ;Photos,resources,thumbnails,autoindex.xmi,index.html But no catalogue Ircat extension any ideas ??:sad:
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    Inserting Text into Highslide Gallery

    I have written some text into MS Word. I want to insert this into Highslide Gallery But I can neither paste or copy this, Anyone any ideas ?
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    Shadow Box Gallery

    I have just purchased Shadow Box gallery,When I tried the Demo it worked perfectly. When I loaded the full Version as soon as I clicked on Shadow Box Lightroom Froze (lightroom not responding ) I have tried a different hard Drive with the same result ! Has anyone else had this problem ?