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  1. johnbeardy

    Use of term 'Lightroom" - copyright issues?

    The lawyers are probably as confused as the rest of us!
  2. johnbeardy

    Where is actual logo image PNG file I used for LR watermark?

    Why do you ask? I only say this because I have suspicions about something in this area on Mac, and your question is relevant to my issue. I'm wondering if it is also behind your question.
  3. johnbeardy

    Where are My "Develop" Settings?

    When you open Lightroom, what is shown under File > Open Recent ?
  4. johnbeardy

    Where are My "Develop" Settings?

    Uninstalling the program is one thing, but the catalogues remain on your hard drive. Imagine you uninstalled Excel or Word. The programs would be gone, but the xls and doc files would still be there. XMP metadata is either in a separate file (if the original is a raw file) or is inside the...
  5. johnbeardy

    Where are My "Develop" Settings?

    They are always in the catalogue, a database file with the file extension *.lrcat. Most of the information can be copied to xmp files, if you choose to save metadata back to the files. So that's an option, useful if you are going between systems or reimporting. But the key data is in the...
  6. johnbeardy

    RAW photos downloaded into Lightroom put a duplicate RAW copy into Photoshop.

    What duplication? You need to be more specific before we can help. As a guess, in Lightroom's Import dialog, are you choosing Copy when you want to Add?
  7. johnbeardy

    $50 K medium format camera

    Another way I would describe my reaction is that the Z7 didn't seem like the equivalent of the D8** bodies. It's heavier than I expected and is quite boxy, almost crude, and its ergonomics seemed more like Nikon's D3** low end polycarbonate bodies than a D8**. So it had relatively few buttons...
  8. johnbeardy

    Plug-ins or tools for complicated publish folders

    I don't know of anything intended for that kind of task.
  9. johnbeardy

    $50 K medium format camera

    I'm not really comparing Fuji v Nikon though. I didn't feel my Nikon experience helped much with the Z6 and Z7.
  10. johnbeardy

    History - will it come to cc?

    I doubt it. I don't believe that Adobe has any intention of replicating Lightroom Classic functionality and is only implementing the lowest common denominator of features in Lightroom Cloud. Lightroom's History is quite an unusual feature in Adobe apps - even where other apps have a feature...
  11. johnbeardy

    $50 K medium format camera

    I still use my D800 occasionally and don't have too much trouble switching back from Fuji, but this morning I had a bit of time handling a Z6 and Z7 and didn't find them so familiar. It was almost like using another brand, and I'd recommend getting hands on before making a decision.
  12. johnbeardy

    Lightroom CC Folders issue

    What would you expect to see? What I mean is are some of the 17k on other drives, like D: or J: or whatever, so you'd expect to see D: and K: as well as the C drive. Are you able to select some photos that generate the error in post #3 and do a File > Export as Catalog? That's only a test. What...
  13. johnbeardy

    Lightroom CC Folders issue

    What happens after restarting LR? Do the missing folders display? Go slowly.
  14. johnbeardy

    $50 K medium format camera

    Not a Z7?
  15. johnbeardy

    $50 K medium format camera

    Adobe are generally a bit slow supporting these high end cameras, Phil, but at some point they will do, just like they support any other camera. The slowness is partly demand-driven, with few bodies sold and typical users commonly using CaptureOne, which again is partly because of tethering...
  16. johnbeardy

    RAW files from Lr CC for iOS to Cloud

    I believe so, and my guess is that they're designing for a time when no one worries about sync going via the cloud because it's quick enough to make that workflow viable for everyone.
  17. johnbeardy

    Lightroom sync in Classic

    Yes, and you can also choose which folder they arrive in.
  18. johnbeardy

    View only images that have been exported

    History is not accessible by plugins. One might query the SQL, in a clone of the catalogue (which is single use), and I think the History data is now stored in compacted form which isn't very readable. I think Jeffrey did do some plugin where he added a keyword or other tag upon export, and it...
  19. johnbeardy

    View only images that have been exported

    "Pub" could be in lots of fields, Cletus, and it also covers collection and folder names/paths. So maybe the image is in a Published Collection with the default name or in a set.
  20. johnbeardy

    View only images that have been exported

    Sadly there is no way to search for exported images or for any other history info, which is pretty stupid when the data is there. Yes, I have asked for it, and no I am not holding my breath.
  21. johnbeardy

    How do I view the Metadata Panel

    You're in Develop - you need to be in Library.
  22. johnbeardy

    Library module LR Classic DataBase Problem?

    I really don't think it's a bug, Mike. All Searchable Metadata is defined very broadly.