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    Where are My "Develop" Settings?

    David, how are you searching for LR catalogues and backups? Windows is astonishingly bad at finding files that are certainly there, somewhere. Assuming a non-corrupted version of LR6 was installed, it would migrate your current LR 5 catalogue, leaving the LR5 catalogue behind as an untouched...
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    Lightroom has stopped working error message

    I would put 6.14 on your W7 machine. You have nothing to lose trying it out. I'm surprised W7 wasn't listed as supported, W7 is in service until Jan 2020, but all businesses have to decide how much backwards compatibility testing they are prepared to do. Just because LR6 isn't listed as...
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    Lightroom failing to import some photos from a card

    Everyone has their own preferred workflow and I'm not saying that one is better than another. I prefer to use the OS to copy files from the card. I drag the whole folder from the card reader into the parent folder where I keep raw images (for me, the parent is usually the year, though if I have...
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    Problem updating from new install of LR 4.1 on Mac OSX

    Glad you found it, like I said, it should be there and hopefully the email can remind you which account you used. However, you tripped a thought that I should check to see if I can still find my old serial numbers and I can. They are found under 'register a product' (which was not the first...
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    Problem updating from new install of LR 4.1 on Mac OSX

    If you purchased the v6 upgrade from Adobe, your v6 licence key should still be available on the Adobe pages, you need to login to your Adobe account.
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    Destructively crop RAW DNGs in LR?

    You need to decide why you want the DNG at all. If you are happy with your edit, what is wrong with the jpeg? Or, you could create a 16 bit TIFF (which will be big compared to the jpeg). You could even import the TIFF back into LR and export as a DNG, but as a DNG derived this way it won't...
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    Corrupt Catalog with no backup

    Next: Do a full 'Optimize catalogue'. Indeed, I would be minded to create a new catalogue and migrate everything to the new one (though there are downsides to doing this too). Once corrupted, a database becomes suspect. Just because it passes the checks that LR can do, does not 100% mean it...
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    Blank Lightroom 8.2 catalogue dismay!

    There are lots of reasons to keep things desperate, but I'm guessing separate and an auto correct are involved in this one!
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    February Update - V 8.2 fails at 75%

    Windows does have a clean up command. From settings, go to System>Storage and click 'free up space now' Choose what you are OK with deleting. This won't move data files to another drive for you. By and large, anything in the Windows directory, the Programs directories and the ProgramData...
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    Develop module New Feature in Version 8.2

    MS have had no end of problems with 1809 (= Sept 2018) and have tried fixes and pulled different versions of it several times. It is unclear if it is fixed for all hardware even now. It won't install if your hardware/system configuration isn't known to be compatible (or at least, it isn't...
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    Shift White Balance

    Make sure you are using a calibrated monitor under proper lighting conditions. A true mid-grey subject which has had the WB dropper sampled from it will set a mathematically correct WB.
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    Mistake with Exposure Compensation in camera

    Modern DSLRs are increasingly using so called 'ISO-less' sensor designs (or use a dual approach, switching from one ISO algorithm to another at around ISO400). This design does not change the advice to 'expose to the right' (ETTR), but does mean that in essence it makes no difference if you...
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    Using the eye dropper for white balance

    Be careful using very dark parts of the image to set white balance. White balance is set from the dropper by changing the RGB values to be the same. So, choosing a part of the image that should be grey is the first step, agreed. Lets suppose it is nearly black and the RGB values are 4,5,4...
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    LR-6 current version/release?

    Of course, Adobe could if they wish, make 7 perpetual and cash in. Seems a bit far fetched though.
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    GPU Acceleration

    I mean moving images around. Images moving around on the screen, dragging, scaling, rendering. Nothing to do with LR especially and nothing really much to do with files as such, though they are files too, but the files stayed in the same place on the disks.
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    GPU Acceleration

    When I updated the video card, my machine was generally quicker moving images around (not just LR but any program). For me GPU acceleration works in LR too.
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    In-Camera White Balance Settings + RAW

    Though AWB in a raw file is a misnomer. The camera will choose a WB setting automatically and record the value it chose in the raw file, hence 'as shot' even with AWB set in camera. As the WB setting chosen by the camera is recorded in the raw file, you could argue the raw file has been...
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    Room lighting - LED?

    Well, I have gotten some with a claimed colour rendition similar to the Sorra lamps. The first snag so far is they make a slight hum. Getting used to the new colour temperature.
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    Re-install 6.14

    While you can reinstall, first you might want to just apply the 6.14 patch. Later, you might want to try trashing the preferences. Instead of deleting it, rename it. LR will create new preferences. If that makes a worthwhile difference then you will need to re setup your preferences. if it...
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    Awful Posterization / Color Profile Problem

    Can you borrow another HDMI monitor?
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    Awful Posterization / Color Profile Problem

    It sounds like LR has a serious difference of opinion with the OS as to the resolution of the monitor. What technology are you using to connect to the monitor (VGA/HDMI/DP/etc)? Have you exported the working jpeg and imported it back into LR, maybe in a new catalogue? If you drop the resolution...
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    How could one adjust the frame / crop, move the edges slowy, precisely?

    Not a real solution, but if you have two monitors, run the second one at a higher zoom and watch how it changes with each attempt. I'm not putting this forward as a perfect solution, it isn't, but you can drag the zoomed-in version around to see where the edges end up being with considerably...
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    Classic CC much slower than LR5.x ?

    In Windows 10 (and earlier Windows), you can set the Affinity, ie the number of threads linked to your process. Read here for one way to limit resources: Changing process priority or limiting maximum CPU Solved - Windows 10 Forums and from the same screen shot, note the Set affinity setting...
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    W10 search seems endless for LR export folder

    A recent W10 update seems to have caused some bug in the automatic Windows indexing of my LR export folders (which are usually jpegs). The green progress bar slowly advances across the top of the window doing some kind of something, and on reaching the end it sits there. There is no...
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    Room lighting - LED?

    Thanks for the info