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  1. Denis Pagé

    X-Rite i1 Display Pro & High Sierra?

    There are no physical limitations :ninja:. That said, at first, the limit was 3 computers but at the end of February 2009, they changed it to any computer you OWN. Checked with new version today and it is still a licence for owned computers.
  2. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    Yes Bruce. But you originally said that your generally look at new posts from bottom up... :whistling: To Victoria. I effectively saw the "oldest posts first" looong ago.
  3. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    I tought about suggesting to order messages oldest first in user's preferences but it seem this option is gone with the new forum software. I guess most prefer most recent first (as I do)...
  4. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    Previews are nice and they are here and there... We have to hover and wait for them anyway. P.S.: Messages order can be reversed in user's preferences aren't they?
  5. Denis Pagé

    Can not open the catalog in Lightroom

    Welcome to the forum designs, Also note that if catalogs must be local, you images can stay on a remote networked (even disconnected) drive/volume.
  6. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    Never noticed that :whistling:
  7. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    Like. Small and clean. Also, I tried the dark theme with this new software and kept it... Something seem strange on the main page. It seem that the "staff member's" status is shown randomly. For example in the joined illustration, all four have the same badges but different ones are showing...
  8. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    Better like that. No more clutter :)
  9. Denis Pagé

    Out of my depth editing raw files

    Welcome to the forum Stephanie, I miss the understanding of bit depth.
  10. Denis Pagé

    Forum software upgrade

    Nice clear and concise look. I particularly like the fact that the date/time of a post is so easy to find. :thumbsup: P.S.: There used to be a "New posts" link at bottom right of pages... :confused:
  11. Denis Pagé


    Peter, normally, we do not copy photos from cards then open Lightroom but open Lightroom first then "import" the photos from there. If from an SD card, the option is generally to copy (or move) to a given folder that you can create at that point. Going beyond what you asked, we generally create...
  12. Denis Pagé

    Backing up Images using iPad, External Drive and LR

    Western Digital make a portable hard disk on which you can plug an SD card directly! That could be the solution for Duncan.
  13. Denis Pagé

    Backing up Images using iPad, External Drive and LR

    Hi Duncan, A LaCie Fuel drive may be much less expensive and portable than a Macbook for your purpose. I do not know how is the software coming with it but to transfer files from my iPhone or iPad, I use FileBrowser by Stratospherix. That way, I can send my iOS photos to my Mac Pro or even to a...
  14. Denis Pagé

    Recommendations (or warnings) for PC drive-bay mounted memory card reader

    Phil, Best Buy is a store originally from the US. You can also look at NewEgg... If you are near a town and know any computer shop where they have tailored made machines, they can easily recommend AND find one for you.
  15. Denis Pagé

    Recommendations (or warnings) for PC drive-bay mounted memory card reader

    The ones you are interested in were listed under the link I sent you. This one USB3 or this one USB2 but with 4 USB 3 ports.
  16. Denis Pagé

    Recommendations (or warnings) for PC drive-bay mounted memory card reader

    It was USB 2. Looking at BestBuy, I found many USB 3 options. I really like the thumb sized ones for their portability. Still around 35$ CAN for the 3½" model.
  17. Denis Pagé

    Recommendations (or warnings) for PC drive-bay mounted memory card reader

    On my windows machines I used them made for typical 3½" drive bays. They are OK and typically costed me 35$ CAN. Some come with different face plate colors you can switch. They have a USB connector. For my Mac pro, I first used one as an external drive but soon got my 30" Dell wide gamut monitor...
  18. Denis Pagé

    Lightroom Classic CC import problems and anomalies. Help!

    And check for the obvious like double checking the time and date the camera is set to.
  19. Denis Pagé

    New formatting of forum menu

    I do not like looong wide sentences. Also 2560 x 1600 here. So I make it half screen width... for now.
  20. Denis Pagé

    Lightroom Behaving Oddly

    You can also "optimize catalogue" under the "performance" tab of Lightroom preferences. It will tell the last time it was done.
  21. Denis Pagé

    Lightroom Classic CC import problems and anomalies. Help!

    In the fullpage import dialog box in the right column under file management, do you have do not import duplicates checked?
  22. Denis Pagé

    Develop module Display overlay info each time a setting is updated

    We love self solving problems! ;) That said, welcome to the forum and feel free to come back anytime you get stuck.
  23. Denis Pagé

    Which version of Lightroom do I have?

    Hi MoPhoto, My Mac Pro is early 2009 and run the latest Lightroom Classic full speed under High Sierra! At first it was not listed as being compatible with High Sierra. But some weeks or a couple months after the upgrade was available to all, I got the surprise of receiving an upgrade...
  24. Denis Pagé

    Lightroom 6.0 on Ubuntu via Playonlinux

    Welcome to the forum Carbur. A link to Darktable may be useful... That is what I recommend to my friends on Linux and not only the Ubuntu flavor by the way. Simpler like that.
  25. Denis Pagé

    Smart collection rule - sync status

    This is getting far from the original post... Please review Hal P Anderson's last comment above.