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  1. Paul McFarlane

    Can Lightroom fix this?

    Hi Marc Noise will be a result of the scan and resolution, not the original ISO. What resolution are the images? I assume you are referring to local adjustment for noise for the sky; try a little negative clarity also on this.
  2. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom Desktop (cloud based) - too slow to edit photos efficiently

    Hi Chris Processing is local, not on the cloud. Changes are synced back to the cloud, so I'd suggest check your PC (is the disk full? Need defragmenting? All those type of checks)
  3. Paul McFarlane

    Any limitations on number of installs for the Lightroom cloud app?

    Jim, you are of course totally correct. The context seemed to be using different catalogs, which I related to the Classic system, whereas of course the could doesn't use the same concept.
  4. Paul McFarlane

    Any limitations on number of installs for the Lightroom cloud app?

    Just to add, once set (the folder for the mobile downloads) and once the photos from mobile have arrived in Classic, if you don't want to be able to view them on mobile devices (going back to Phil's comments) then you can delete them from All Synced Photographs - Classic won't delete the local...
  5. Paul McFarlane

    Any limitations on number of installs for the Lightroom cloud app?

    If you mean Desktop as in Classic (so sync'd through a Collection locally) then yes. If by Desktop you mean Lightroom CC (as was) - cloud - then no, because you won't be able to access the photos in the Cloud App (even locally) as it relies on the cloud as the storage.
  6. Paul McFarlane

    Any limitations on number of installs for the Lightroom cloud app?

    Correct. Some people like to tick this on their main computer just so they have an additional (local) backup, especially a good idea prior to the current release when there was no way to undelete.
  7. Paul McFarlane

    Any limitations on number of installs for the Lightroom cloud app?

    Local cache for the images held in the cloud, so LR doesn't rely on downloading every time to view or edit using the Desktop App. Mobile also has cache. You can additionally store photos locally, just check: Store a copy of all originals at the specified location checkbox in Preferences >...
  8. Paul McFarlane

    Any limitations on number of installs for the Lightroom cloud app?

    All correct except on Lightroom (was CC, now just Lightroom or the Cloud version as we're discussing here) there is no catalog, it's all photos that have been uploaded to the cloud
  9. Paul McFarlane

    Keep set Ratio locked

    Mike That's expected behavior - you say he lock icon was locked, therefore the Aspect will remain on the aspect of the image just selected (so Original) - what are you expecting it to do? Perhaps we're not understanding the question?
  10. Paul McFarlane

    Greetings from Carp (Ottawa) Ontario

    Hi Dave and welcome! Everyone brings differing experience of photography and Lightroom skills, we're sure you'll both benefit and assist!
  11. Paul McFarlane

    Hello from Augsburg, Germany

    Hi Sara and welcome! Great to have you with us! Pagemaker...takes me back!!! We look forward to your comments on posts. Paul
  12. Paul McFarlane

    LR will only upload some of my pictures from a shoot.

    Hi George The XT-3 is supported from 8.0 (see Adobe supported camera list) - any reason you haven't updated to that? https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html Paul
  13. Paul McFarlane

    Having problems on Huawei Mate 20 Lite

    Hi Robert and welcome to the Forum! Do you get the same issue if you use a different app on the phone? That'd help us understand if this is Lightroom or (more probably) connected to the phone.
  14. Paul McFarlane

    No People Found

    Hi and welcome Just describe better what you're doing? You have grid view with people in on the screen then click the People icon at the bottom?
  15. Paul McFarlane

    Suddenly prints look dull (lacks contrast and blacks)

    While not liking unsolved mysteries, 'All's well...'
  16. Paul McFarlane

    Can't import photos LR6.14

    Sometimes that's not a bad idea, but a lot of work Zack! You could try sorting your duplicates (thread below just updated) How do I clean up duplicate photos? | The Lightroom Queen Also, you might consider writing the edits you did to the photos before the new Import (so Ctrl-S / Cmd-S) - you...
  17. Paul McFarlane

    Can't import photos LR6.14

    Hi Zack Okay, moving photos is one thing - take a read of Victoria's Blog on the topic, steps through it well: How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it is? | The Lightroom Queen You can get LR to sort into years / month (and even day) on Import, but...
  18. Paul McFarlane

    Suddenly prints look dull (lacks contrast and blacks)

    Hi Aaron What color space are you using? This can be the effect of you try printing AdobeRGB to a printer instead of sRGB
  19. Paul McFarlane

    Can't import photos LR6.14

    Zack Welcome to the Forum! Are you intending to move the files at the same time? Or did you intend to use Add in the dialogue?
  20. Paul McFarlane

    Opening Layers in PS

    Not sure if this is still current, but a problem opening in PS was corrected in 8.2.
  21. Paul McFarlane

    Can you add watermarks in lightroom mobile yet?

    Apart from being covered in Victoria's CC - Edit Like a Pro book (covers CC and also mobile) the Blog posts she wrote give you a start. iOS: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/whats-new-lightroom-cc-2017-12/ Android: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/whats-new-lightroom-cc-2018-02/
  22. Paul McFarlane

    Enhance Details

    Most images it isn't making much of a difference (actually can't see any!) But I do have Fuji XT-2 images and on some there you can see a definite difference in some detail - but only really zoomed in. It would matter if I wanted to print them really large, but otherwise for a general look they...
  23. Paul McFarlane

    Still reconsidering LRCC

    We have no information on that as yet, Ian, but see it as an additional option to the current workflows
  24. Paul McFarlane

    hello from Italy

    Welcome Toni! It's a friendly Forum, hopefully you'll both get and be able to give some help here!
  25. Paul McFarlane

    Windows 10 update this morning killed Lightroom 6.14 **I Fixed it**

    Excellent! And thank you for sharing on here, it'll be helpful to any others that find a similar issue