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  1. davidedric

    Soft-proofing Help

    You'd need a profile which takes account of the paper, as well as the printer model. I don't know how things work in Oz, but could you approach OfficeWorks and ask if they have a profile you can use?
  2. davidedric

    Hello from Nashville, TN

    Hello and welcome! You are right, this is a great place to get support, with some real experts here. If you haven't already, be sure to download Victoria's free getting started ebook (just click on home at the top of the screen) Dave
  3. davidedric

    Print preview image colors are way off even though my prints match my images perfectly

    in my case, I am using a custom profile from the paper manufacturer, and everything except that print preview is fine
  4. davidedric

    Print preview image colors are way off even though my prints match my images perfectly

    Same on my (modest) Canon printer. I've stopped worrying about it!
  5. davidedric

    DxO Nik Collection - Can it be used?

    At least one of the Nik tools (Viveza? - away from my computer right now) does not have a File Open command. However, it can still be used standalone if you create the short cut on your desk top and drop the file onto it.
  6. davidedric

    Epson R1900 not printing 13x19 from Lightroom

    Different OS, Lightroom version, and printer (!), but a couple of years ago I had a problem that I could only print A4. Resetting Preferences resolved it. Always worth a try if all else fails.
  7. davidedric

    Crop tool options

    And if you are going to print and fill the sheet on "A" size paper you'll need to set a custom ratio of 1.414 to 1 (or however close you want to get to the square root of 2).
  8. davidedric

    Photo Editing Outsourcing?

    Hi Nancy, As Ken suggested, keep plugging away. As you know, there are so many different "tutorials" out there, and a wide range of quality. I suggest that you stick with one, such as Julieanne Kost and learn their approach - different authors often have mutually incompatible approaches, and...
  9. davidedric

    Lr generates endless files of the same image during export

    Lightroom does work differently from many other programs. It's really important to understand the underlying workflow that Lightroom is designed around, and follow it. Obviously, I don't know which "quirks" you are referring to, but although I've been using it for a few years, I've found it...
  10. davidedric

    A number of problems in Lightroom

    And reset your Preferences. Can often resolve strange problems. How do I reset Lightroom's Preferences? | The Lightroom Queen Dave
  11. davidedric

    Import :ightroom CC8.1 no longer imports images

    What happens if you manually copy files to your intended destination folder, and Import from there?
  12. davidedric

    e-books or real books?

    This is just a thread asking about your opinions. Let's take Missing FAQ's as an example. I've only had Victoria's e-books. The advantages seem obvious: always there, easily transportable, searchable, easily updatable, and so on (and a bit cheaper). However, I certainly find it easier to...
  13. davidedric

    Performance Lightroom 6.14 vs. Classic CC 8.x on 2 cores?

    My understanding is that you have to take out a year's subscription, but can opt to pay in one chunk, or twelve. What happens if you opt for monthly payments and then just stop the payments I don't know. Dave
  14. davidedric

    Develop module New Feature in Version 8.2

    Didn't the Windows October update get pulled part way through its rollout? I seem to have a dim memory somewhere.
  15. davidedric

    Replacing entire system, need advice

    I'm pleased I have RAID1 internal disks. No, they are not a backup - they protect against a different kind of failure. A couple of years ago, my system informed me on boot up that one of my internal disks was not working. However, RAID meant I could carry on working exactly as before: no...
  16. davidedric

    adding to collections

    Or presumably set the Collection as the Target and just hit "B" after selecting?
  17. davidedric

    Can't get the light right

    My question is a bit different: What is the picture about? When I look at your first image, my eye wanders all over the place. There is nothing to keep my attention. I think a big reason the second looks better is because the eye is drawn to the lake. So my suggestion is to decide how you want...
  18. davidedric

    Dull photos...

    It doesn't look all that dull to me. I think a bit of Clarity would bring out some of the detail in the stone work. However, it would be a big help if we could also see what Develop settings you are using. Could you take a screenshot(s) of the panel and post it here. Dave
  19. davidedric

    Print module Selected image changes when selecting Print

    Good grief. Another idiot here! Thanks, and a Merry Christmas, Dave
  20. davidedric

    Hi from Cheshire UK

    Hi Ben and welcome, from another Cheshire resident! (East Cheshire in my case). As I think you already know, this is the go to place for anything Lightroom related. Cheers, Dave
  21. davidedric

    Recent Accidental Performance Boost, LR Classic

    Well, you're not alone, though I wouldn't want to put myself up as good practice. I'm a low volume amateur, and I use my pc for stuff other than photo editing. A few months ago my Dell monitor began to falter, so I decided to change it. After a lot of thought, I decided that I did not need a 4K...
  22. davidedric

    TV Display of Photographs

    This is bit off the wall, but here's the way I do it. I export from Lightroom and copy the files to my Android tablet. I have an Amazon fire stick (I don't have a smart tv!) That allows me to reproduce whatever is showing on my tablet on the tv. Dave
  23. davidedric

    HSL Panel problem

    Yep, thanks Jim, all seems good now Dave
  24. davidedric

    HSL Panel problem

    Thanks, Jim, I'll give that a go
  25. davidedric

    HSL Panel problem

    I have just moved Lightroom to a new computer. I have just discovered that though I can manually drag the various sliders in the HSL panel, the Targeted Adjustment Tool does not function, whether I use a tablet or a mouse. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave